10 Absolutely Coolest Backyard Games for Kids

Looking for backyard games for kids? Ever wonder why your kids aren’t spending time in the backyard?

Set up at least one of these backyard games for kids and they will never come in the house.

Yes, these backyard games require some DIY and set up, but they are SO WORTH IT.

Perfect for birthday parties, carnivals and other fun festivities.

backyard games for kids

10 Backyard Games For Kids

1. Giant Plinko

Big or small, Plinko makes the family time more fun!

2. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

Anything that is frozen is just fun to watch melt, right? This game is more exciting since there are items frozen inside an ice block!

3. Giant Pick up Sticks

Giant games are the best, don’t you think? Pick up sticks needs focus and great hands!

4. Water Blob

A backyard game that everybody will enjoy! All kids and adults would love to sit and play on top of this water blob!

5. Giant Scrabble Game

Well, if we are talking about giant games, this DIY giant board game will definitely give you more reasons to play outside!

backyard games for kids

6. DIY Dunk Bucket

This is actually a game that I’ve always wanted to play with the kids. Well, now I can and you can, too!

7. Human Board Game

I think board games are very entertaining when you are the one moving around the board! the kid inside me is just trying to literally get out and play!

8. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature is a very wonderful place to let your kids explore. Time to start listing the things for your next scavenger hunt!

9. Giant Painted Twister Game

You can customize how big you want your twister board to be! Using marking spray paint, you can make your own twister board and enjoy playing!

10. DIY Ring Toss Yard Game

The best thing about Do-It-Yourself games is that you can customize how the game is played.

I hope you found enough inspiration on backyard games for kids.

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