10 Amazon Tips On How To Save Money

Shopping on Amazon should be your go-to when looking for best deals on pretty much anything and everything. There are so many ways to save money that there should be no reason to avoid looking there first. Here are a few ways to make the most of shopping on Amazon.

amazon tips

  1. Be an AMAZON PRIME member. 

There are a bazillion items on Amazon that are Prime, which means you will receive FREE 2-day shipping on these items. It has a membership fee of $99/year but it pays for itself if you plan to order from Amazon frequently and for large and small items. I use Amazon Prime because we live in a small town where not everything you want is easily available. I will order something very small and my total will be $5 and when normally it would cost $5 for shipping, it’s free with Amazon Prime.

  1. Utilize Add-on items!

Add-on items are items that ship free when you spend $25 or more. This can be a mix of add-on items and other items, or can be entirely add-on items. You can search specifically for Add-on items in the search bar.add on item

Here is more information about Amazon Add-on items.

  1. Put items in your cart so when the price drops you’ll know!

While I’m shopping on Amazon I often like putting items in my cart and leaving them there (If it’s not something I need right away) to see if the price drops. Amazon notifies you when you go to your “cart” page when the price decreases, or even sometimes increases. It’s a great way to buy when the price is low, and this changes even hourly!

  1. For items that you use often, sign up for subscribe and save!

With Subscribe & Save you receive a discount on items that you use regularly. They also qualify for free shipping with Prime, and they are automatically sent to your house on a regular basis without having to shop for them again and again. It’s so convenient for items that you know you’ll use regularly such as toilet paper, paper towels, etc.


  1. Sign up for Amazon Mom!

If you have a household with small children (especially in diapers!) Amazon mom is a must-have. This program offers discounts on diaper subscriptions and also baby registry discounts. Diapers with this program, coupled with Prime and Subscribe & Save can save you mega bucks. They can be as low as 12 cents/diaper, which is basically unheard of and cannot be beat by any other big name store. These are name brand diapers!

  1. If an item doesn’t arrive within 2 days, let Amazon know!

Occasionally Amazon prime shipping doesn’t arrive within the promised 2 days. This has only happened a couple of times in my Amazon shopping experience, but both times I called up Amazon and reported that the promised items did not arrive on time. Both times, the kind people at Amazon extended my Amazon prime membership an extra month. (That’s a generous gift of $8.25!)

  1. Use Amazon Prime Pantry!

Prime pantry is another amazing way of saving money. This is so convenient! There are a number of items on Amazon that are labeled “Prime Pantry,” which basically means they are groceries and household items that you would normally buy at big name stores. Here’s the scoop: It costs $5.99 to ship a (huge) box of prime pantry items. When you find an item that says it’s “Prime Pantry” they will tell you how much of your box is filled. The key is to fill the ENTIRE box (100%) so you get your money’s worth with the shipping fee. If you only need a few items, this feature is not worth the cost, but it IS worth it if you plan to buy a lot. It’s such a great feeling to see that gigantic box on your front step full of all those boring items that you shop for weekly! To get the most for your money, I always shop first for the Prime Pantry items that have coupons too!


  1. Sign up the Amazon rewards credit card!

This credit card is great because you get cash back on whatever you buy from Amazon. It’s easy to use and you can see your points (Cash!!) automatically at check-out. This is yet another way to save money coupled with all the other benefits Amazon has to offer.

  1. Use Amazon to mail gifts directly to friends and family!

Shipping packages to my nephews in Florida sometimes costs more than the actual gifts I am sending. The items from Amazon come in boxes, so for most kids this is wrapping enough. But for the kid who loves to open a professionally wrapped gift, (are there kids who care??) for some items there is a gift-wrapping option for $3.49, which you can choose at check-out. You have to click “gift receipt” and then if there is an option for gift-wrap, it will let you know. Some big items are not eligible for gift-wrapping. So even if you DO choose to gift-wrap the gift, it’s way cheaper than paying for shipping!

10.   Use Amazon warehouse!

Some items on Amazon are available through the Amazon warehouse, which means they might be items that have damaged boxes or have been returned but not used. These are sometimes tricky to locate. The first way is to go to the search bar and type in “Amazon warehouse deals,” and this will pull up all the deals that have been discounted. Another way, is to look for the product and then find where it says “more buying choices.” There will be a list of all the other sellers selling that product, not directly through Amazon. Usually if that product is in the warehouse it will be the first option and can be significantly discounted.

amazon tips to save money

Amazon is a wonderful company that, if used properly, can really save your family a ton of money. Good luck and happy shopping!


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