2 ingredient Glitter Water Bottle Toy

glitter water

Have you made one of those wet glitter water bottles yet? If not, hurry because all the family will enjoy them (some – secretly, some with an open passion).

What I love most about those glitter water bottles (often called ‘time-out glitter bottles, calming bottles or sensory discovery bottles) is how well they work for everybody.

Water glitter bottles works for everybody

Babies. I gave this glitter bottle toy to my friend’s baby while she was visiting. The baby was so fascinated by the shiny water that moves and by the slick and round bottle surface which is also great motor skill activity. Keep in mind that when making this calming glitter bottle toy for a baby, make it from the small plastic bottles, so it is easier for baby to hold the bottle. Also don’t forget to glue the top on.

Toddlers. My 2 year old son loooves his glitter bottle. He was excited to help us make it and he plays with them in 100 different ways.

  • He roles them
  • He stares at them
  • He puts them against the sun
  • He shakes them.

Preschoolers. My 5 year old daughter also has special relationship with the glitter water bottles. She likes to make them every few weeks. She comes up with different little pieces she wants to put in them, which often helps her create stories and imagine different things when looking and playing with glitter bottle.

Teenagers. I don’t have a teenager, but I do believe that this glitter bottle would help them with their moody moments. If you have one, try and let me know how it worked.

Me. I can’t speak for every parent, but I just adore those bottles. I do have one secretly hidden in my bedroom. Don’t laugh, but I say it’s my meditation toy. I “black out” for few moments when looking at that glitter swimming in the water.

On the other hand, my husband has paranoia with these bottles, because he thinks they will pop open and will spill all over.

Wet glitter pants doesn’t sound too good for him.

Tantrums. I know many people use them as a time-out tool for kids to calm down when they have those strong tantrums. However, if I use the bottle to calm my to kids down I prefer not to call it time-out. It’s time-in for the upset child with me on the sofa looking at the bottle.

Road trips. Did I mention that these glitter water bottles are brilliant toy for long car trips. Pull them out when you heard too many of  “are we there yet?”.

P.S. Don’t forget to get one for yourself (if you are not driving the vehicle).

How we made our glitter water bottle calming toy


  • plastic water bottle (the stronger the better)
  • water
  • glitter (can also be home-made)
  • extra decorative peaces (optional)

 What we did:

  •  filled the bottle with water
  • added some glitter of mixed colors
  • glued the cap back on

glitter water bottle

  • For the next bottle Sofia decided to add some cut up shiny wrapping paper. (Homemade glitter)

glitter water bottle

Adas enjoys every time we make a glitter water bottle. He kept saying wau wau wau… glitter wate bottle

While we were making this calming bottles my neighbor stopped by. I offered to make one for her kids. She said:

“Forget the kids, I want one”

If you have never made one of those glitter water bottles – hurry and make one. Everyone will love it .

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