2 Things That Make Mom’s Life Easier

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Schreiber Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own

My 5 year old son is a happy camper as long as he is fed and entertained (and occasionally hugged). It sounds easy, doesn’t it? In reality, sometimes just getting them a snack on a busy day when you have a lot of  errands to run is challenging, isn’t it? But there are 2 things that make my life easier as a mom:


I make sure I have ready snack options that kids are excited about, so I don’t spend time cooking, wrapping or waste energy asking them to finish their lunch.

When Adas (my almost 5 year old son) saw Marvel® Avengers String Cheese with superheroes on them at local Walmart he was beyond excited. He immediately grabbed them and started playing as they were actual super hero figurines. I could not believe he was playing with CHEESE for such a long period of time! When he got hungry, he ate them. And that’s why Marvel® Avengers String Cheese makes my life easier as a mom. It’s like 2 in 1. marvel-cheeseIt is a wholesome, healthy, responsible snack choice for kids. (Visit Cheese Adventures and get $1 off Marvel® Avengers String Cheese).

  • Made with milk
  • Good source of calcium and protein
  • Perfect on-the-go or after school snack
  • Great for lunchboxes too!


My string cheese hacks for quick lunch ideas 

  1. Kebabs. Chopped string cheese is the perfect size and texture to thread on sticks along with fresh vegetables, meat or even fruit.
  2. Pizza Rolls. Cut each piece of string cheese into thirds. Wrap each piece in a strip of puff pastry along with your favorite pizza toppings and bake until golden. Serve with marinara sauce for dipping.
  3.  Roll Ups. The size and shape of string cheese is perfect to be rolled up. I love rolling up string cheese with some carrot strings in a slice or turkey.



I try to plan independent activity options that are fun and create some quiet time (exactly what I need on those busy days).

Lately, my son has been into drawing, so I created this comic book template so he can start creating stories from his drawings. Last week we took this comic book template to my daughter’s gymnastic practice and he was busy drawing his comic book for the entire 1.5 hours while we were there. Of course, he had some Marvel® Avengers String Cheese for some extra inspiration.

I made the comic-book-template, so you can print it too.


More independent activities for kids 

If you still need more work to be done here are some more awesome things they can do by themselves that doesn’t involve screen.

Let the kids surprise you! They will love to be able to impress you. Suggest them to think of a special story. My kids love organizing a concert and throw a big show at night. So basically big part of the day goes by organizing the event.

Pull out an old toy. It will create an excitement like if they’ve just received a new toy. It always works in our family.

Let them create. Place a big paper on the floor with some crayons. Ask kids to draw a town infrastructure: the roads, the buildings and traffic lights.

Let them build a house. Don’t throw away that big cardboard box you get from appliances or TV and when the right time comes let the kids build and decorate a tent, a hideout or even a cardboard box. Or just let them play with that box.

For more activities for kids and tips for moms visit Cheese Adventures and get $1 off a Marvel® String Cheese product (expires 1/15/2017).