Free Things To Do With Kids. 20 Spontaneous Ideas

When the weekend hits we often try to think of free things to do with kids. It’s important to run away from the routine, the house, the daily life, but planning every weekend activities isn’t an easy task to all of us, busy mamas.

So I decided to share some of the ideas that wouldn’t require much planning, yet it would bring unexpected fun (which is always the best). And there is no wallet required! How cool is that??

The key is to be spontaneous and easy going. Don’t stress over little details and don’t over-do it. The key here is simplicity.

Free things to do with kids


1. Take kids where you got married (or went on the first date or where you met)

If it’s still near where you live.

2.  Play hide and seek together at home

Kids are bored out of their minds on the weekend? Announce that they have 20 seconds to hide in the perimeter of your entire property (that means house and outside included).

This unexpected activity will be so much fun your kids will be begging you to play over and over again.

3. Teach yourself and your family new sports

Juggling apples is a sport. Just take it seriously.

4. Pick a different form of transportation for the weekend

No, there is no need to rent a fancy SUV, just hop on a train or bus and hit the nearest town. Or get on your bikes and explore the nearest park.

weekend activities with kids

5. Visit the nearest relative

It’s perfect idea because we all know that spending time with relatives is really important. But we are all aware that it’s complicated to find the best time for that! So, why not to use it as a free activity to spend time with your kids and closest family. 

6. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen for the day

It will be a day with a real purpose that will hopefully start a great tradition in your family.

7. Go visit somebody you don’t know at the hospital or nursery home

It’s perfect activity with kid. By showing kind behaviour you’ll definitely develop and teach kids the main values and principles of life.

8.  Go on a breakfast picnic

It’s way more fun to eat Sunday morning breakfast on the lawn at the park than at home. Isn’t it? Well, all you need is just a blanket, your favourite donuts, milk and some coffee.

The kids will be talking about it for the rest of the week.

9. Try Geocaching

If you have a GPS device or a smartphone, you don’t need to buy anything else to get started.

Just visit and type in your home address (or the address where you plan to be walking or hiking), and you’ll likely find a few geocaches stashed in the area. Pick one, add the coordinates to your GPS (or just use the app on your smartphone), and head out the door, letting your device serve as a treasure map.

10. Go on a wandering walk

Get outside the door and follow your kids. Wherever they go – you go. You will be surprised with the outcome. The kids will notice things they never did, you will notice things you never did before. The best part, you just need to take time and wonder without any goal or destination.

Trust me, it’s fun.

Oh, and if you get lost, don’t worry, it’s even more fun that way!

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11. Go back to the past

This activity is perfect when weather isn’t cooperative so stay indoors and look at old pictures and videos of the family on the big screen! The laughs you will have!

12. Make Youtube music video with family members

Post it online or keep it private if you wish and only share with friends and family.

Watch this family making videos. They seem to have lots of fun.

13. Rearrange furniture in the rooms

That was one of my favorite weekend projects when I was a kid. It’s super exciting! 

14. Build a cardboard house

Find some cardboard and get to building. It could take all weekend. Here are the most amazing cardboard houses on the planet. Build by parents and kids.

15. Make a time capsule

Find a glass jar and tell each member of the family to walk around the house and find something that would resemble the reality of the family’s happenings. If the item is too big, make a note (or picture) and put that in the jar.

Put it all in the box, tape it securely, write the date you made it and the date you are allowed to open it. Maybe 10 years from now?

It’s fun to conserve the memories this way.

free things to do with kids weekends

16. Let kid create their own board game

Still think that playing a board game is the worst free thing to do with kid? I can ensure you that playing a board game you made by yourself  has a different story! Her is an example of hilarious DIY board game!

17. Play unusual scavenger hunt

You may think that it takes much time to prepare for a scavenger hunt in the house. I have some good new for you! This lazy Sunday scavenger hunt perfectly fits for family weekend activities.

18. Create a family kindness jar

One more way to show the example of being kind and create some priceless family traditions! See this awesome idea here.

19. Make a family vision board

Family Vision board is one of our family’s traditions. It’s kind of resistant to time. The idea came to my mind spontaneously and now I am so proud we have it. Free thing to do with kids that turn into something awesome and unexpected.

20. Build a DIY Teepee

All you need to make this cool DIY Teepee is 20 minutes. No money and no special materials! Perfect weekend project for the whole family. 

free things to do with kids

Whatever things to do with kids you choose – have fun, be spontaneous, see big things in little things and enjoy each other as a family. That’s all.

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