3D Building Valentine Activity


With Valentine Day approaching we have been into lovely mood lately. Even though we are not big and traditional celebrators of this day, we still like this theme for our activities and crafts.

So today we decided to make some heart shaped cardboard stackers to fit our Valentine Activity theme.

This idea came when I saw these cardboard stackers from a fellow blogger Jodi Durr. I fell in love with this building toy and couldn’t wait to make some for my kids.

Prepare for 3D Building Valentine Activity

  • get some red (or any other preferred color) cardboard.  And cut out equal hearts.  I got my hearts ready already from our Kindness Activity. I just love when I can use already recycled item (a shoe box), that I find near a trash bin for more than 1 craft or activity. So does it make re-re-recycled? 🙂
  • cut 4 “v” slits in every heart.
  • let your child attach the hearts and form amazing sculptures, shapes, creatures and even planes.

valentine activity valentine activity3

Building itself is very beneficial for kids. However, kids are used to stacking square and triangle shaped blocks. And it’s fine too. This 3D building Valentine Activity is unique because kids get to explore more with the heart shape. Connecting 2 hearts is a good motor skills activity.

Creating an object that looks like something (or it doesn’t) from heart shapes is not an easy task, but definitely very imagination encouraging.  There is also a lot of creation and problem solving involved.valentine activity7

To extend this building Valentine Activity we:

  • talked more about the heart shape and how is it different from others.
  • tried to find some heart shapes at home (or the ones looked close to heart shape).
  • let the child photograph his creations
  • counted the hearts and talked about who would she want to give them to and why.
  • we remembered our Kindness Activity and came with more ideas how can we show that we love someone.

valentine activity5

So let’s build some love with a 3D building Valentine activity.

valentine activity

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8 thoughts on “3D Building Valentine Activity”

  1. I love the way you’ve adapted this activity. These Valentine heart stackers turned out great. Thank you so much for linking back to me!

  2. Really neat idea for creating a home made building set that ties into an upcoming theme.

    1. Birute Efe

      Thank you, Kate. It seems to be easier to come up with ideas when there is a theme.

    1. Birute Efe

      Thank you! I hope your kids like it.

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