5 Ridiculous Reasons Why I Blog


why I blog

My blogging buddy Natalie from PlanetSmarty tagged me for this blogger challenge. The question was:

Why do I blog?

Good question I thought.

When I first decided to blog I wasn’t sure why would I want to blog. I didn’t consider myself a writer (especially English being my 3rd language), I didn’t know anybody personally who owned a blog and I never liked to be public. So why blog?

Now after 3 months in blogging I can tell you my reasons of blogging. And they are pretty ridiculous…

1. I don’t have friends. Yet. 

Here, I said it. Recently, our family moved to a new country and I don’t speak the language well enough to find my “soul” friends.  I am a very social person, so I need conversations and friendly chit chats about everything and …. nothing on a daily basis. Blogging is solving this problem partially. I enjoy our Kid Blogging Network (KBN), full of talented, creative and super friendly and helpful bloggers. Plus, the sweet and encouraging comments and emails I get from my readers get me going for a while.


2. I need to feel accomplished

I am happy with my life and the choices I made. My biggest goal is my family. I do feel proud and accomplished when I see my healthy and smart kids. But this mama needs little more personal and professional feeling of accomplishment.  Blogging is my accomplishment. It feels good to scroll down pinterest and see your posts pinned here and there or some other blog referencing you as a trusted source for a certain activity.


3. I have no “official job”

I decided to become a stay at home mom with strong reasons and I have never regretted this decision. However, when asked by strangers “What do you do for living” I would like to say more things than “I clean, cook 5 times a day, change diapers and wear my sweat pans all day long”. Freelance writer, webmaster, blog owner sounds sooo much better. Also, I look better in front of my kids’ eyes when I say ‘mommy has to go to work” .


4. I need to use my brain, before it dies

Mothers (especially SAHM) will understand me. When you become a mother and you stay at home with your kids you literally loose part of your brain. I am serious. Blog has given me some different challenges like html coding, plugins, SEO and internet marketing. I get to read articles (and Books!) not related to diaper rashes and natural remedies for sore nipples.


5. I get to have my own “working/creative space” in the house

I finally have a legit reason to use a whole part of the room as my working space. No laundry there, no toys and no junk mail or bills laying on the table. I have dreamed about it for a while. Next step, get a whole room, so I can call it my office. Fancy, huh?

Maybe even something looking like this?

Regular Blogging reasons


Don’t get me wrong I am pretty normal person so I have normal reasons to blog too:

  • I want to make money of it one day
  • I hope to inspire other parents and educators to create and help kids create and grow up with learning through play.
  • I consider my blog as a commitment to keep doing crafts and activities with my kids.

How do I blog?


Since I am pretty new in blogging I don’t have very strict schedule (I should though).

In the very beginning my plan was to post at least ONCE a day. Now I see that was some insane thought I had. I decided to lower the number of posts and make them better.  Quality over quantity. That’s right.

I usually “go to work” after kids are asleep and most of the nights I end up doing “overtime”.


Post Ideas?

Majority of my posts are activities and crafts for kids.

In my ideal life, my kids create those wonderful crafts and come up with super fun activities and they play those games forever and ever. Yeah, right. It happens, but not every day.

And the moment when it does happen I am super proud.  For example, recently my daughter came up with this pencil shaving art idea that I thought was super creative.

In my real life I come up with crafts and activities myself. However, I do my best to interrupt the least I can, so children are included into the creative process as much as possible. I usually start off by talking about particular thing (it might be even a book or a story I tell them) and then I ask them if they would like to make a craft. I noticed, they really need to be inspired. Who doesn’t right?  I set up needed materials and tools and they get to work. And I go grab my camera so I can take some pictures for the blog post.

I know that to keep my blog growing I have to post new and fresh ideas. There are so many times we do super fun activities and crafts, but they are all over the internet already, and it would be boring for my readers to see that again.

I found out that my creativity works at its best …. in the shower. It’s true because that’s the only time and place I am not interrupted by:

Wipe me, my brother put bugger on me

Heeelp me, my bugger is in my mouth!!!

Mommy, why do I have to put my underwear on?

Enough about me and my blog. Let’s challenge other bloggers to see what they have to say.

I give my tags and ask the same question (Why do you blog?) to:

1. Anna from BurlapandBaklava, because I know she has some interesting and unique reasons for starting her blog.

2. Jamie from Hand Made Kids Art, because I am a big fan of her creativity and artsy crafts and activities she does with her kids.

3. YOU, my readers and fellow bloggers who stopped by to check out my post (btw, thank you!). Tell me: Why do YOU blog? (if you have a blog) and If you were to start a blog, what would be the reasons?

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8 thoughts on “5 Ridiculous Reasons Why I Blog”

    1. Birute Efe

      Thanks Peta. And I agree, blogging reasons change from time to time. That’s what I love about blogging.

  1. Same here! Blogging is more difficult than it sounds especially for those whos English is not their first language (like me). Well done and keep it up!

    1. Birute Efe

      Thank you, Marta. Yes, blogging is harder than it looks like but it also is more rewarding than I though it would. I guess it is worth it then 🙂

  2. Loved reading your post! I can definetely relate in a few areas. I am a very creative person and cannot get enough of it. My website and blog, well the whole wide world of crafts out there accessible via the internet offer me the possibility to find a certain degree of saturation. To be able to share ideas and to get comments back from half way around the world just makes my day.I definetely have to have a closer look at the Kid Blogger Network. That sounds really interesting! Thank you so much for your honesty. Your post made me smile quite a few times.

    1. Birute Efe

      Thank you Hattifant so much for your reply. I am on the way to check out your blog. You should check out KBN for sure. Such a great community of bloggers.

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