It’s a great game for a Sunday afternoon. It’s a pretty simple game, but involves the whole family: small or big. Also, it’s great for improving reading and cutting skills if your kids are still young.

Supplies you will need

1.Newspaper for each player
2. Scissors
3. Treasure hunt list (optional).


The goal of the game is to find all the things listed on the scavenger hunt list in the newspaper. You can make your own list or you can use ours. 

You can play individually or split into teams. Splitting into teams is good when you have little ones. You can instruct them to find certain pictures.

The player (or team) who finds all the things on the scavenger hunt list wins the game.

You can also give extra points for extra nice cuts, super accurate finds and creativity (if exact things weren’t in the newspaper, but they were replaced with other similar finds).



This game is good for indoors and outdoors. Bowling is super fun for all the family to get little exercise. It’s super simple to set up, yet can provide hours of play.

Supplies you will need

  1. 4-5 pool noodles
  2. knife
  3. skewers
  4. ball
  5. 10 full water bottles


Line up and assemble the bowling lane using pool noodles. Attach them with the skewers as shown in the video.

Play as as regular bowling.

A game of ten-pin bowling is divided into ten rounds (called “frames”). In a frame, each player is given two opportunities to knock down the skittle targets (called “pins” or in our case water bottles). The player rolls the first ball at the pins. If the first ball knocks down all ten pins, it is called a “strike” and the frame is completed.



It’s a funny game. Get ready for your kids to laugh! And make a little bit of mess. But that’s OK, because everyone will have so much fun!!! 

Supplies you will need 

  1. Ice cream
  2. Ice cream cones
  3. Various Ice cream toppings. The more the better.


Let one player stand by the table with their hands put behind their back. Let another player stand behind them (so they aren’t visible) and reach out to all the ingredients and try to make an ice cream sundae on the cone without seeing anything. Let the player (with the hands behind the back) instruct and tell the recipe. Watch the video to see it all in action. It’s too funny!

You can make it a team race, but it’s really very entertaining to just sit and watch and then switch back to playing.