Coupons with Acts of Kindness for Kids to do for their Friends

100 acts of kindness project. Week 3. Challenge – Acts of kindness for kids to do for their friends. Challenge accepted!

acts of kindness for kids

For the last 7 days Sofia has been sharing some kind acts with her dear friends. It’s been a blast and it is actually becoming a very popular thing around our neighborhood. I am so excited that these acts of kindness are spreading and making kids want to be nicer to each other.

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So here is what we  did:

  1. we created the coupons with kind acts for friends. We tried to come up with things kids can do by themselves and would not cost any money.
  2. then we printed the coupons out (you can also laminate for a better presentation and usage)
  3. we put them in an envelope or a small box (optional) and gave to friend(s).

You can give kindness coupons one at a time or give all of them at once. Talk to your kids before and make sure they are OK to do all acts of kindness mentioned in coupons.

acts of kindness for kids coupon 1

Acts of Kindness for Kids. Printable Coupons

These Acts of Kindness Coupons are super cool and can be used on multiple occasions:

  • use them as random acts of kindness for kids to learn to be better friends
  • give them as a Valentine’s Day gift for a friend
  • give them as a Birthday gift

acts of kindness for kids

These Kindness coupons are free for your personal use. I only ask for you to like/share my    FB page to support my growth and so you don’t miss any free printables and other activities for kids in  the future.

H ere is FREE KINDNESS COUPONS for you to print and share the love with friends.

More Great Ideas: Acts of Kindness for Kids to do for their friends

  1. Make Kindness Cootie Catchers
  2. Make “Out of this World Valentine” (with free printable)
  3. Make Family movie package for a friend

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