Baby Items You Need The Very First Month

When my first child was born I hardly could fit all baby gear in the room. She had everything you could possibly get for a newborn. Partially it was my fault, but I also blame her super generous grandparents for that. So lesson was learned when I became mama the second time. I was more conscious of things I need to get for my baby. I made much better choices, but still ended up getting some stuff that I didn’t need.

The the third time around I feel like I finally know what I really need for the baby. These are baby must haves that I use the first month or so. I believe they are minimalistic kind.

baby must haves

This Baby carrier is one of the best baby gear items I ever bought. I started using it with my second child and I still have it for my third one. This particular brand is very durable and amazingly comfortable. I couldn’t wait to start baby-wearing again!


I love using this Bassinet during the day when the baby naps and we put him wherever we are at. Mostly in the living room. It’s easy to carry anywhere you want. Even take it with you on a trip.


Baby mittens and some socks are a necessity for every baby. It seems like their hands and feet always get gold for the first few weeks. Also the baby mittens are great for the first few weeks before the baby learns how to control his hands without poking the eyes with fingers and scratching all over the face with their fast growing nails.

Capturebaby mittens


Swaddle blankets. Because you can never have enough of them.


Nail Clipper. When I brought my baby home one week ago, the first thing I did, was grabbed nail clipper and cut her nails. They were sooo long.


Car Seat. A must have!


Reusable diapers or regular diapers. Choose whatever you are comfortable with.

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Baby clothes set.

baby clothesGlider and ottoman is a gift to me (from me) after the baby was born. This was one thing that I knew I could have lived without, but once I sat on it I knew I have to have it. It’s perfect place to sit and breastfeed and bond with the baby.


Keep in mind I breastfeed exclusively, I love baby-wearing and I co-sleep. Also your list of baby items for the first month may vary depending on the season your baby is born, your lifestyle and of course your finances.

Stroller is also a must. Check out these stroller hacks that not only will save you money and time, but also some ”mom sanity”.


So here it is. The baby must haves for the first month! If you can borrow some stuff from friends or family or buy them used.