Funny Frozen Videos. 6 Hilarious Mom and Dad Parodies

funny frozen video parodies of moms and dads

I have been having a wonderful summer.

Since we moved to the farm I find myself having more time to do what I want to do (for example watch funny Frozen videos on Youtube), because kids are more likely to occupy themselves with various things out on the farm: chasing chickens, following that turtle (that appears to be not that slow at all), playing with their DIY water shooter  and many other fun things that don’t require much of my intervention.

Perfect, right?

But you know, if it sounds too good to be truth, that means IT IS. With all that goodness comes some pretty frustrating moments too: toddler tantrums (when he is told not to roll fresh eggs on the ground), dirty feet on my just washed house floor, ‘weeded’ flowers (because someone was just making a “flower pie”), skipped naps and those late late bed times because “it’s not dark enough to go to sleep”.

Summer is almost half way over (is it already?) and even though it’s a fun period for a family it can be a little (just a teenytiny bit 🙂) frustrating at times for us, moms.

Let it go

Today is a new day with a new approach (positive) to the whole tiring motherhood. Let’s just laugh at it for a minute or two!

I have been obsessed with funny Frozen videos (you know that movie, right?). Especially mom parodies.

I am sure many of us can relate to the words in all of those parody music videos.

Pour yourself some coffee, tea or glass of some wine and laugh away…

1. A fun fun and ironic Frozen mom parody.

My favorite quote:

“Don’t let them in, Don’t let them see, Take a moment to yourself and pee.”

2. I’ve said a hundred times:

“The trash goes in the trash”

3. Please eat this fr….. broccoli. Seriously EAT IT!

4. “For the first time in forever I will play my music what I want”

5. A funny Frozen Video of Dads

6. It’s not a mom parody, but it sings about coffee. Some of us can relate to this, can we?

Sometimes it just feels so good to do nothing important and meaningful (fyi, cooking 5 times a day and doing laundry IS important AND meaningful) and laugh because it’s so silly and at the same time so true. I will try to find time and inspiration to spare those few moments a day for myself and make sure I laugh more…

Talking about funny, did you watch my daughter’s Funny Jokes For Kids Video? It’s silly and funny, your kids will love it!

How about you? What makes you laugh every day (besides your kids, cause I will admit they are my #1 comedians)?

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