What Happens When Kids Get Bored…

kids boredom

My mother and friends always say that my kids must never be bored. They look at my blog and see all these activities, crafts and homemade toys we make. And we do.

But not always. For example, now my kids are bored, yet I am sitting here and typing my post away. But it will take them just few minutes to get off  the couch and start playing.

And you know what, I am pretty surprised and very much pleased to find out that BORED KIDS ARE CREATIVE KIDS! My proud mama moments happen when my kids ‘bring in’ ideas from the craft or activity we did and use it to kill the boredom.

What really happens when kids get bored

I am sharing with you something personal today. I have been taking pictures of kids playing independently for last few days. I loved discovering them in the weirdest places playing the best games ever. And look what I have found…

There were times I went back home and wrote few notes because I got inspired by their activity. How cool is that?

Here are few shots I was able to catch my kids and neighbors playing  after they told me they were bored. P.S. Please don’t judge and worry about their safety…There was an adult somewhere near them at all times (mostly). 


Kids made slide/mountain

There was an old couch neighbors threw it away, so they managed to put it up against the wall (with the help of some bigger kids) and use it as a slide and climbing mountain, because they also tied a rope for easier climbing…

free play activities

They played with rocks

I still didn’t get the rules of the game but it looked like they were having lots of fun. And for a long time. Read more about their Rock Activities that they came up themselves.

rock activities for kids

Lady bug tickle

I call it sensory activity in live action. They went to the meadow and looked for ladybugs. They found a lot and were so tickled to be tickled 🙂 This activity lasted for few days…

kids boredom



They build a shed. From trash.

They collected cardboard boxes and other things to build a home. They worked hard all day to make it cozy.

kids boredom

They had mud baths

Well, this one was the one I expected the least. When I saw them in the mud, I doubted for a second if I should be happy or not happy about it. And then smiled and ran to get my camera. I could not capture their ecstatic faces, but believe me, they looked like they were concurring the world.

kids boredom

How to go from “I am bored” to “Best game ever”

When I hear “mom, I am bored”, I:

  1. don’t take it personally. Kids can get bored even in the Disney Land.
  2. don’t start browsing Pinterest for “Best Activities for Kids” the very first minute I hear that phrase.
  3. give them a chance to wiggle their brain and creativity.
  4. allow them the space and tools to come up with the game. Telling them ‘you can’t do that’, ‘don’t touch that’ will not encourage or inspire them to play. Give as much freedom as possible and safe in/around your house.
  5. don’t give up and don’t hand them ipad or turn the tv on. Not just yet.
  6. if nothing works and it’s been 150 “I am bored”, give them few ideas without revealing too much details. For example: “I am sure there is a very fun way to play with these scarfs” or “I remember I used to have the best time ever when I played with empty cardboard boxes.”  Get them excited, inspired and intrigued. And remember, the best fun is the simple fun.



Why it’s good for kids to be bored

When kids are bored and then they come up with the activity themselves it becomes unstructured time and play which is very beneficial for kids. Here is why:

  • kids find their passions and things that they really like if they get to play by themselves.  If we keep creating activities and always get involved in their play, they won’t really know what they like and what they really love.
  • they learn how to self entertain themselves
  • their creativity grows dramatically
  • even their confidence is boosted, when they come up with the activity or a game by themselves.

Are you ready for Kids to get bored?

Please share your stories on what do your children do when they are bored… I am really curious to know…


8 thoughts on “What Happens When Kids Get Bored…”

  1. These are awesome photos of kids obviously having a great time! I agree that when I “ignore” my kids, they do their best playing. As soon as I try to intervene, problems arise. When my kids are bored, it’s always best to change the scenery. Even if that means opening up the back door and throwing some shovels and buckets outside. The hardest is when you’re stuck inside for long periods of time! I’ll def keep these tips in mind when my kids say: “I’m bored, mom!!” 🙂

    1. Birute Efe

      Anna, you are sweet. Thank you for your comment. YES, the change of scenery is good. Even if it’s a little one.

  2. I so agree with you, but I always find it really difficult to get through the phase where they’re bored but they haven’t yet figured out what to do. Especially when they turn to games like “torment the sibling” or “do everything mum’s told you not to” in order to ease their boredom. I’m hoping part of it’s maturity – they need to develop the ability to entertain themselves.

    Out of interest, at what age did your kids learn this skill?

    1. Birute Efe

      Bronwyn Joy, thank you for coming over and commenting. My kids are no magic and they also get annoying phase sometimes. But things got much better once we moved to the farm where huge open space is available to them at any time and so many things to play with outside (500 chickens for example). I guess the surroundings are important. P.S. I am so happy to find your blog.

      1. Thanks!

        Yes, I have to say when we had a backyard things were better in this regard. I guess we’ll have to keep working on it! Thanks.

  3. A little boredom is a good thing – and great when it leads to something creative or constructive. Of course, that old saying echoes through my mind – “Idle hands are the devils play things.” I guess the key is all things in moderation.

    1. Birute Efe

      Definitely. Everything needs to be balanced. I think boredom is for showing what you learned when you were doing a projects/activities/crafts and using it in your own way.

  4. Great minds think alike 🙂 Yes, I believe in leaving my child to fend for herself quite often. I rarely here “I am bored” – she just picks the next book to read. I am sure she would play more if she had a sibling.

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