Car Rasing Activity

 car racing activity

If you have boys in the house car racing must be very common. There are so many ways to do these kind of activities.

Most of the time kids just find a way to play with the cars, sometimes you have to help them “to get on track”.

Here is how we did this car racing activity:

car racing activity


  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • tape
  • some magazines and markers for decorations (optional)
  • cars (or any other moving objects with wheels)

1.  We made the tunnel out the box

(combine few boxes if needed to have the length of the car track you want).

Use tape to keep the sides up and together.

car rasing activity

2. We decorated our race tunnel track.

  • made some START and FINISH signs.
  • made flags from the old magazine.

car rasing activity

3. Lifted the race track (by putting one end on the sofa) and started the race.

Get ready. Set. GO!

car rasing activity

Car racing activity is not only for boys. My daughter enjoyed it as much (if not more) as my son.

It’s never enough of car racing in our house. And this is just the beginning…

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