Cardboard Pony

The idea to make Cardboard pony came when my son forgot his all-time favorite horse toy at his grandma’s. It was a toy he played with a lot. I took a chance and made one from cardboard.

diy carboard pony

Make your cardboard pony

you will need:

  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • pen
  • glue
  • paint and brush

1. Print my pony template (or draw your own) and cut it out. Trace it on the cardboard and cut it.

2. Make at least 6 cardboard ponies. 10 would be ideal.

3. Glue the pieces together. I used regular liquid paper glue and it seemed to be enough but you could also use glue gun.

4. Optional. You can color your pony. With acrylic, water paint, markers or crayons. This is a good time to involve kids. They will love to ‘decorate’ their toy.

*after cutting and gluing all the pieces together you might need some ‘fixing’ to do. First, make sure the pony is standing still by cutting the bottom of his feet flat.

homemade cardboard pony

playing with cardboard pony

My son loved his cardboard pony. He had a lovely afternoon playing with it. I think it has a good chance of becoming his favorite toy for a while.

And I loved that I could make a REAL toy for my child out of cardboard, that otherwise would have been tossed in recycling bin.

This is a short recap of how we made the toy and few moments of my son playing with his pony.

I saw how much my son enjoyed his little pony, I asked my niece what was her favorite animal and I made her one. Honestly, I love that one even more. The post is coming up.

Meanwhile, if you liked this cardboard pony, pin it or share it with others.

cardboard pony

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