Train Craft for Real Adventures

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Show me a toddler who would not want to play with a train. Especially if you can sit in it, be an engineer and have some extra wagons with some passengers.

So today we are making Train Craft.

It’s a great way to get little ones excited about crafting. This project is very customizable. You can use whatever materials and household items you have to make and decorate your train.

For the Train craft we used:

  • 3 to 4 cardboard boxes (we used banana boxes for this project)
  • Rope
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • Some other accessories to decorate your train (plastic yogurt container lids for wheels, paper towel rolls for chimney, swimming noodles for horns, plastic bottle caps for lights)cardboard box train toy


  1. Make the first wagon as engineer’s wagon by placing 1 box into another vertically. Attach the rest of the boxes with the rope as well as one in front of the first wagon (for pulling).
  2. Involve your children in decorating the train: add lights in front, even train bell and color the whole train if you wish.cardboard box adventures painting

Ideas how to play with cardboard train: 

1. Make train tracks around the house by taping masking tape on the floor or draw them with chalk outside.

2. If there are few children, let them pick train engineer (make sure they take turns), the ticket collector and the passengers. It’s a great pretend train travel play. To make it more fun you can provide engineer hat, train whistle and tickets with a hole puncher.cardboard train

3. Make it educational by putting numbers on the train wagons and letting children put the correct number or objects into each wagon.

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  1. Very cute idea. Will be trying this for sure. Thank you.

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