Cardboard Christmas Tree

To make a Cardboard Christmas Tree was on my mind for a while. It’s a great craft to do if you have a lot of cardboard boxes laying around. In our case we had lots of boxes. As always.

The best part about this cardboard christmas tree craft is that it turns into a toy. This time a really fun stacking toy for our toddler.


Make Your Cardboard Christmas Tree

you will need:

  • cardboard
  • scissors or craft knife
  • paper towel roll
  • glue
  • someone who likes cutting a lot

making cardboard christmas tree

1. Prepare the Christmas Tree stand. Simply glue the paper towel roll on the piece of cardboard.

2. Cut out about 45 circles. Start from the small circle and then make sure every each of them is slightly bigger. It’s a great math and drawing activity for older kids. 

Here is the tutorial we followed how to draw perfect circles just by hand.

cardboard christmas tree

3. To make round holes in the cut circles we simply traced an object that was slightly larger then paper towel circle. We then cut the small circles out.

4. Make the top for the tree like you would make a mini party hat.      

playing cardboard christmas tree

I won’t lie – it did take time to make this cardboard christmas tree. It was a lot of measuring, drawing, cutting, then measuring again and cutting again. I think I am done with cutting for a while.

It’s not symmetrically perfect, but real christmas trees aren’t perfect either. That’s why they are so beautiful and stunning, aren’t they?

But the result was rewarding. Especially when I caught my toddler son playing and stacking up the tree again and again right after his nap. Which usually it’s his ‘cranky time’.

cardboard trees

christmas stacking tree toy

Short video

It’s a perfect Homemade Christmas Decoration and a fun activity for my kids. Couldn’t ask for more at this time of the year. CARDBOARD CHRISTMAS TREE CRAFT

Christmas Trees from natural or recycled materials:

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