26 Coolest Cardboard Houses Ever

There is something about cardboard houses that I love so much. It’s the private space in there where nobody can see you, it’s the feeling of having your own home (when you play ‘home’), it’s probably all the little details that make it look so cute.

To be totally honest I play in one, together with my kids and I am enjoying it so much. Really. In fact, I wanted to build one more then my kids did. I had to convince them so I COULD MAKE ONE. For them.

cardboard houses

Totally Amazing Cardboard Houses to Make for Your Kids

1. This cardboard house was made by us. It only needed 1 big cardboard box and some tape. So simple, yet so cool for the kids to play with. 

diy cardboard house

2. This cardboard house/castle is a fancy design addition to the child’s room. (Post is in Swedish, but pictures tell it all.)  mia-kinoko

swedish cardboard house

3. A DIY cardboard house for $10. Can’t beat that. It has a tone of fun little details, like welcome math and flowers on the windows. I would totally play in it!

cardboard house flowers

4. This cardboard house is using tab slot technique and the house can be disassembled and stored flat. How cool is that!

cardboard house pro

5. Bunny shed with light! Looks awesome, doesn’t it?

Bunny Shed w_light

6. A lot of triangles and some scotch tape will make the coolest cardboard house ever. Check hannahandlily to have a full tutorial how to make it!

cubical cardboard house

7.  Only two cardboard boxes needed for this playhouse. I love the door nob most!

Ollie's House 1

8. The patterns on this cardboard house. The post is in Spanish but the pictures are beautiful. Find out more in dcoracao!


9. Collapsible cardboard house. In case you don’t want a huge cardboard playhouse in your living room 24/7. Check ambrosiagirl website now!


Cardboard Houses For Kids

10. Life size gingerbread cardboard playhouse for kids to play in. What a perfect play area for the holidays.


11. Another ginger house from cardboard by creative and cute thehousethatlarsbuilt.


12. A lot more professional cardboard house mostly for outdoors play. It’s an architectural creation. If you feel that you are advanced cardboard builder there are instructions included.


13. Just one box needed for this super simple yet incredible cardboard house by momsdailyadventures!

simple cardboard house

14. So many play opportunities in this super simple cardboard house. (it’s in Spanish, but you can get the idea). Check decorareciclaimagina to find out more.

DRI… Mostrador

15. Artsycraftsymom shows that just by adding some color to a simple cardboard house you can create something incredible for your kids,


16. Would your kids love to play in this “UP” cardboard playhouse? YES, they would. Piccolinadesignsandplay will show you how to make it.

up house

17. Paper towel log cabin by declutterorganizerepurpose. So imaginative!


18. Cardboard castle impressed me! I find some extra idea for cardboard castle. What do you think about painting on it black brick patterns. Looks awesome!

19. Want an outdoor playhouse for your kids? Make one for free from cardboard.

outside playhouse

20. Cardboard house with cutest little details by rustandsunshine. Check and find some useful and inspiring ideas.

cute house

Inspired yet?

Are you looking for some scissors, utility knife and some scotch tape? Along with some inspiration, coffee and a good partner you may build your own most amazing cardboard house.

cardboard houses for kids

Cardboard houses you can buy

And if you are not crafty (and prefer to avoid all the cuts and splinters on your hands), but still would love your kids to play IN and WITH cardboard houses I have good news for you.

(affiliate links)

21. Playhouse in the ship

playhouse ship

22. Life-size Barn Playhouse

barn playhouse

23. Color the playhouse yourself


24. Simple Cardboard Playhouse

cardboard house

cardboard houses
cardboard boxes

9 thoughts on “26 Coolest Cardboard Houses Ever”

  1. Summer Aupperle

    My husband made the coolest cardboard house an airplane that’s attached to a quad for my 2 year old to ride. Would you like to see them and/or post them to your site? He’s a mechanical engineer and extremely creative.

    1. Stevie-Lee

      Would love to see pictures!! I have an old mobile scooter (a 4 wheeled mobility scooter ) that was given to my 6 yr old son to play around with and for putting around the yard ect. on. I am planning on something similar …using cardboard boxes to turn the scooter into another pretend vehicle only we were planning on turning the scooter into the batmobile! 😀 Attaching two pieces shaped as the side of the car to the lifting arm rests. It will be removable for other play but while attached it will have a realistic feature of the car door opening. And then of course two more also removable pieces of cardboard for the front and back frame of the car.

  2. What fantastic inspirations! Would also be great to involve kids in the design as young architects and designers or at least artists in personalizing the outside! Thanks for the compilation!

  3. Cristina Bivins

    Great ideas! However, the post for dcoracao is NOT is Spanish, it is in Portuguese.

  4. Jenny Lopez

    Omgsh all of these are so awesome! Was srolling thru em and got more and more inspired each one i saw. Are there anymore instructions to help me out. Please let me know. Thx so much!

    1. Birute Efe

      Jenny, please click on the links and they will get you to more detailed instructions with more pictures. I am so glad you are inspired!

  5. Susan Fruge

    do you have a swamp house

  6. Kathleen

    Wow I don’t know where to start. Endless possibility for play! Thank you!

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