Christmas Tree Craft From Film

We are not a traditional Christmas Tree Family, so I always look for different ways to get kids (and of course myself)  inspired for our “non-traditional, weird looking, not like everybody else’s” Christmas tree.

We make little and big Christmas tree crafts from about anything. What ever we get our little (and big) hands on.

Today I am sharing one that my daughter made from an old film that she found at grandma’s house (I believe that’s the only place you can still find those antiques these modern days).

Instructions for Christmas Tree Craft from Film

1.   We gathered needed materials for this craft from our craft recycling bin and some needed tools such as scissors, glue, glitter, nail polish (definitely my daughter’s choice).

materials for christmas tree craft with film

2. We cut out different sizes of film, glue them on the cardboard starting with the longest stripe down to the smallest one. This way we shaped a Christmas Tree.

christmas tree craft with film

  christmas tree craft with film


4.  We added decorations to the tree. This was the favorite part for my little artist since she was allowed to use nail polish (and in was PINK!). Sky is the limit, so let the kids create at this part by themselves.

christmas tree craft with film decoration

What we liked about this Christmas Tree Craft with film

  • slidy and rolly film material that we never worked with or even touched it
  • easy to cut an measure
  • the decoration part because it was very easy to apply the nail pollish to the film and it gave really shiny and good affect

What kids learned

  • it was quite a challenge to hold that rolling flim tape in straight line before we put the glue on.
  • Kids discovered if they put something heavy on it for a few minutes, it would straighten up.
  • Measuring different lengths to form a Christmas tree


We are looking forward for more crafts from film (hopefully we can still find more).






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