Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers

Gotta little toddler running around the house while you trying to prepare for the Holiday rush? Try this super simple Christmas Tree craft for toddlers and enjoy watching them being little artists.

fingerpainting christmas tree

To prepare for this Christmas Craft for toddlers you only need few items:

  • Big cardboard (the one that comes from TV or other appliance)
  • Utility knife
  • Paint (we love love our acrylic paint)
  • Your toddler’s little tiny fingers  will server as paintbrushes

1. Cut out Christmas Tree shape out of cardboard. I didn’t put much effort into this, so just a big triangle worked well enough for us.

2. Place the ‘Christmas tree’ on the floor (put some plastic shower curtain under for protection) and hand the paint.

3. My 2 year old started by just dipping his finger in different colors and dotting on the tree.  He loved the outcome. So he dotted more.

toddlers christmas tree craft

And some more dotting. Until 2 hands became 8! We had a sibling joining with her friends.

christmas tree finger paint

It was simply beautiful thing to watch as they enjoyed this way of painting. Older kids started to experiment with colors by mixing up few and coming up with different shades and even new colors. Dip, dip, dip and DOT.

The real game started when they figured to dip all 10 fingers and dot them on the tree. We ran out of free space on the Christmas Tree.

All of us were so pleased how the unexpected Christmas tree craft turned out. We loved it so much, decided to hang it in the corridor at the entrance of our little home.

christmas craft for toddlers

Finger-painting (in this case dotting) is so so good for your kids (especially at young age). Here is why:

  • It is relaxing
  • It stimulates child’s senses. They touch the liquid paint, feel the wet slippery texture.
  • It’s perfect tactile practice
  • Excellent fine motor skills practice
  • It frees them and let them be more creative and open minded about art.

christmas tree craft with fingers

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  1. Simple and effective. My Sensory Seeker is just going to love this.
    I am featuring it on this weeks Weekly Kids Co-op.

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