3 Christmas Tree Crafts From Nature

We are sharing 3 Christmas tree crafts for kids inspired by nature. It’s our favorite crafting material – things we find outside when we hike, play and explore. Today it’s pine needles and rowan berries.

christmas tree crafts for kids nature

Sofia stumbled upon the pine needles the other day when we looking for different types of leaves for our nature hunt. She picked some from the ground and put it in her basket. Later that day we found some beautiful rowan berries. That tree is so gorgeous at this time of the year it is basically impossible to pass by it. We tried to pick all the ones that were on the ground so we won’t have to get any from the tree. Let the birds enjoy them.

“I will make something from them, mommy.”

My 3 year old had different ideas for the needles. He had his share of sensory activities. Adas was really fascinated by pointed pine cone needles and itty bitty berries which were falling from his hands when he tried to pick them from crafting table.

christmas tree crafts berries

I believe crafting with natural materials encourages creativity and originality in children even more.

We already know that there is no right or wrong in art. Especially, children’s art. But I feel like working with materials from nature kids get challenged even more and they have a chance to come out of the box and create something that they have never seen before. Nature is the one that inspires them. Yes, shiny glitter, pipe cleaners, stickers, colored paper can challenge them too to create some amazing crafts, but it’s so much harder to step away from what they have seen before and be really original.

Oh, and did I mention how cool is to work with natural materials (things we find in nature). Today my kids loved touching pointy pine tree needles and those small berries that had very vibrant color.

The crafting materials became alive, the senses were alerted and the art began.

materials for christmas tree crafts

The holiday gift becomes priceless with wrapping decoration like this. Whether it’s a box or crayons, CD, or a book for a teacher it will add a personal touch.

christmas tree wrapping

Do your kids love making Holiday cards? This year inspire them to make a card from nature.

christmas tree holiday cardchristmas tree crafts from nature

christmas tree crafts for kids

christmas tree crafts using nature

KEEP IN MIND. When crafting with leaves, berries or whatever else you find in nature, be sure to educate your children that no matter how delicious berries look, they CANNOT eat OR taste. Must wash hands after the craft.

P.S. I searched and searched about Rowan berries being poisonous. There were 2 kinds of opinion. Some said it was poison, some said it wasn’t and people make jam out of them. I am being neutral and keep on crafting with them occasionally, BUT I keep an eye on my kids, when they are near them to make sure they don’t put in their mouths and wash their hands later.

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