Fun Christmas Crafts For Kids

With approaching holidays Christmas Crafts For Kids are getting more and more popular activity for children. Making Christmas Trees is a go-to craft these days in our house.

So I gathered more then 20 of my favorite Christmas Tree Crafts. Many of them involve some kind of activity or a game.

All of the these Christmas crafts for kids are very customizable, so keep in mind that yours doesn’t have to look THE SAME. Encourage kids to create something unique of their own.


christmas tree crafts for kids4

1. A Fun way to include toddlers into Christmas crafts. Playtivities

2 How about up-cycling your plastic bottles and turning them into little Christmas trees? Playtivities

3. Crafting with nature can lead to some surprises. Beautiful surprises! Playtivities

4. Tin Can Christmas Tree Activity from Babbledabbledo

5. Sticky scented rice Christmas tree sensory play. CrayonBoxChronicles

christmas crafts for kids trees

6. Encourage kids to make a Christmas collage. Kidsactivitiesblog

7. Who said you can’t build a Christmas tree from cucumbers? Kiddiefoodies did!

8. Toilet paper roll christmas tree. Would have never thought of this. Genius idea from Creatifulkids

9. Egg carton Christmas tree from Sugaraunts

10. Glowing Christmas tree craft for kids from Pagingfunmums

christmas tree crafts with trees

11. Let your kids borrow some coffee filters from the kitchen for the Christmas tree ornament. Happyhooligans

12. Fun way to craft with marbles.  Buggyandbuddy

13. Sticky contact paper christmas tree. Funathomewithkids

14. DIY noodle Christmas craft for kids. Craftymorning

15. Paper strip Christmas craft. Housingaforest

christmas tree crafts for kids

16. Christmas tree from craft sticks. Scholastic

17. Yarn wrapped Christmas tree ornament. Fantasticfunandlearning

18. A tree made from drinking straws. Readingconfetti

19. Kids will love building trees from pipe cleaners. Play-trains

20. Christmas tree sculptures made from foil. Readingconfetti

21.  I found this pull apart Christmas Tree craft (and activity) pretty cool. You might want to try it too. (the instructions are under the video – on youtube).

I hope you got inspired to help your children to make some pretty cool Christmas crafts.

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