Teaching Colors for Toddlers with homemade toy

colors for toddlers

There are many ways to present colors for toddlers. Today I started with this homemade toy that kinda looks like one of those color stacking toys that you buy at toy stores.

Teaching colors for toddlers usually happens through daily life and its activities. Introducing one color at a time is the best way to do it.

But nothing beats the toy or the game when it comes to learning.

Here is how we made out color stacking toy from recycled materials.

You will need:

  • some toilet paper rolls
  • 2 paper towel rolls
  • small firm box or just a piece of cardboard (to attach the paper towel rolls)
  • some color (to color the rolls)
  • glue or tape (to attach the rolls)
  • scissorscolors for toddlers

What to do:

  • color the toilet paper and paper towel rolls. let them dry.
  • cut up the rolls in half.
  • attach the paper towel rolls to the board with the tape or glue.
  • start stacking the colored rolls.

Some tips:colors for toddlers

  1. For this color stacking toy to have a longer life span it would be a good idea to cover the rolls with clear tape.
  2. To expand this colors for toddlers activity you could make more of different colors.

I was so pleased to see my daughter teaching the colors with this stacking toy that we made. I always feel that the kids learn so well from each other. Just look at their interaction!

Why is this colors for toddlers activity good for your child?

  • practicing motor skills while putting the rolls on the sticks
  • matching the colors
  • learning how to name and pronounce the colors
  • having fun and motivating activity

I would like to know how do you teach and present colors for toddlers?

3 thoughts on “Teaching Colors for Toddlers with homemade toy”

  1. Great learning game! My 1 year old is really into textures right now, and this would be a great game with the tape covering the toilet paper rolls. Will have to start working on colors with her.

    1. Birute Efe

      Amanda, thank you for your comment. Actually the other day I asked my son the colors and he showed 5 colors. We didn’t do any other color activity but this one. SO I guess it worked. I was chocked myself since we didn’t do much on colors yet.

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