Craft Ideas With Toilet Paper Rolls

craft ideas with toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper rolls. If my husband would have a say in this, it would go straight to recycling bin.

Not under my supervision. No Toilet Paper Roll goes to Waste in my house. I love them. Seriously.

And here is why:

Animal Craft Ideas With Toilet Paper Rolls

1. You can make Toilet paper roll sheep.

toilet paper roll craft cheep

2. We made St. Patrick’s Day craft from toilet paper rolls that actually moves up and down.

st patricks day craft gif

3. Or cut out and design cute octopus using toilet paper rolls.

toilet paper roll craft ideas making octopus

4.Create the most adorable Polar Bear

polar bear craft

5. One of the most common crafts with toilet paper rolls is a bunny craft. But we actually made a jumping bunny craft. Check out the beautiful story we added to this bunny craft and made lovely storytelling activity.

Jumping bunny

bunny craft gif

6. Make colorful and very pretty butterflies using toilet paper rolls and few extra materials. toilet paper cfraft ideas butterflies

7. How about a Cute Owl craft

toilet paper roll craft ideas owl

8. Toilet Paper Roll Penguins

Toilet paper roll craft ideas penguin

9. Make 3 Little Pigs craft and a fairy tale storytelling activity.

three little pigs toilet paper craft

10. Dancing Giraffes are like real marionettes.

toilet paper craft farm

11. The whole farm animals made from toilet paper rolls.

cardboard tube animals

12. Caterpillar craft

caterpillar craft using toilet paper rolls

“What to make with toilet paper rolls?” This one is not much of a craft as just a building activity. It is lots of fun and good motor skills practice.

toilet paper roll crafts

I hope these Craft ideas with toilet paper rolls inspired you to get crafty with your kiddos. As you see, crafts don’t expensive materials and supplies. It’s all in your house (this case your bathroom).

Remember to let your child lead the craft by providing various different materials on the crafting table and let them choose which ones they will need for that particular craft.

Help a little by giving them a challenge.

You will be surprised on how creative they can be.

what to do with toilet paper rolls pinterest board

Need some more craft ideas with toilet paper rolls? I have collected some incredibly creative  ideas on my Pinterest board – Toilet Paper Rolls. Check it out!

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5 thoughts on “Craft Ideas With Toilet Paper Rolls”

  1. What a great collection! Thanks so much for including my projects 🙂 Pinning!

  2. Some really cute ideas here! Love the jumping bunny – going to try that with my 2.5 year old son for Easter! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love these ideas! I’m always looking for more fun things to do with empty cardboard tubes. Thanks for including my penguins!

  4. Wonderful collection you have specially i like Dancing Giraffes Can you please how you make this?

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