Magic Bed Time!




To build the most simple bed fort you will only need some rope and bed sheet or a blanket. You will also need one higher object where you can attach the rope to (maybe a dresser?).  I actually put a stick at the top of the bed (where the pillow lays) between the bed frame and the mattress and tied the rope to the top of the stick. I tied the other end of the rope to the other end of the bed, it can be lower end. Then I simply put a sheet on top of the rope, which nicely created fort shape. 

I added some Christmas tree lights just because I know my kids get so happy every time they see these little lights. It was a nice touch, especially when it got dark in the room.

HOWEVER, don’t leave them there for too long or unsupervised. Make sure you unplug the lights and put them away before kids go to sleep. If your fort isn’t very stable take it apart when kids are asleep so the sheet won’t fall on them while they are sleeping. 

And that’s how out of nowhere you make the boring bed time into a magical evening. What a fun fun magical surprise that was! 

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