Diffuser Necklace Craft For Kids

If you ever smelled and experienced pure therapeutic essential oils you will really appreciate having diffuser necklace hanging on your body all day long. Especially kids. Why?


Diffuser Necklace Is So Beneficial For Kids

Whether kids wear that jewellery all day or just for few hours it will provide them with numerous benefits especially when they aren’t at home and you are not able to use your home diffuser or let your kids smell and rub some oils on them.

Also, it’s the best kind of natural perfume that everyone will love.

Essential oils I love to use on our diffuser necklaces.

Citrus Fresh Oil Blend will keep them energized and will lift up their mood (if needed). I love this blend because it’s really a mood-balancing oil. It works wonders on me too!

Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus Oil. I use one of them when kid has congested nose or is feeling sick. These oils have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Peace and Calming Oil, Frankincense, Stress Away, Valor, and Cedarwood oils can help to keep the focus and attention while in school or doing school work.

Lavender Oil. Besides the most amazing smell, it also can calm the child down so I use it mostly in the evenings or when my child is acting hyper active or just struggling and having a bad day.

Make your own DIY diffuser necklace

you will need:

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diffuser necklase for kids

Making these diffuser necklaces is a lot of fun and it can be such a great way to for kids to express their creativity. So many opportunities here.

  • We made some beads by rolling some clay between hands.
  • We made some shapes with cookie cutters.
  • We made holes for the necklaces with straws or tooth picks.
  • We experimented with designs and prints using whatever we had around the house. The dollies worked really good for this.

making diffuser necklace


The most important step

Diffuser necklace wouldn’t be diffusing anything if we don’t apply essential oils on it.
After the your jewellery masterpiece dries overnight, dip a Q-tip into your favorite essential oil and gently rub on the outside part of the jewellery (the one that will not be touching your clothes).

diffuser necklace

This is my favorite. We found some dry lavender and pushed it in the clay when before it dried. Later we applied some lavender essential oil.

This is the best perfume I have ever had. Seriously!

diy diffuser necklaceswearing diffuser necklace


With Valentine’s Day approaching this diffuser necklace makes a great, simple and very cheap gift to make. (Check out more super creative ideas for DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts under $1).

Let’s diffuse those oils whenever we go!



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