Pom Pom DIY Baby Mobile

Some good news! The ”nesting” instinct has finally kicked in. Yes, it’s a little late, but it’s here and making me DIY all things baby. DIY baby mobile. That’s what we did today.

diy mobile


First, I have always wanted to make crib mobile for my child. I haven’t for my first 2 children, so I was determined to make one for this little baby.

The biggest job for this DIY project is making pom poms. And it’s a lot of fun. My daughter  joined and helped me so we finished in no time. It’s a perfect craft/project for your child to practice their motor skills. Watch Sofia making pom poms a while ago when we made Pom Pom flowers. 

The other important aspect of DIY baby mobile is the base you will hang your pom poms on. We chose a simple stick/branch we found on our hike last night. It goes well with a lot of projects we did at home (like our minimalist Christmas tree).

I used thread for beading and a needle to hang the pom poms on the stick. Just thread the needle and string up your pom poms. I tied a knot in between each ball to keep the spacing.


We haven’t decided yet whether we will hang this above her crib (because experience tells me that she won’t be laying there much) or will just hang it in her room as decoration. If you do hang it above the crib, make sure it has safe distance from the baby and of course it’s attached firmly and securely.

It’s something about making a toy for your unborn child. I sure hope that this DIY baby mobile will make her smile and giggle many many times.

DIY BABY MOBILEWe are getting ready for this baby to come! DIY BABY MOBILE is done! http://tstest7.techsurgeons.com/diy-baby-mobile/

Posted by Playtivities on Thursday, December 17, 2015