DIY Headbands The Most Simple Way

DIY headbands have been our favorite project for the last few days. Me and my daughter have been totally obsessed with them. The possibilities are endless when it comes to homemade headbands. However,  our options were limited:

  • it had to be easy
  • it had to be fast
  • it had to be cheap
  • yet we wanted something “so beautiful that people would stop us and ask where we got our headbands”. (Sofia’s words).

diy headbands

It can’t get better than that: DIY headbands made from old t-shirts with no-sew method. They are 1 min project. Seriously, it’s super easy and a really fun mama-daughter project.

For your DIY headbands you will need:

  • an old t-shirt
  • scissors

As you see in the video I didn’t really measure anything. I found that using 5 year old child’s t-shirt will fit 5 year old’s head. If you were to make a headband for your baby – use baby onesie. I made headbands for me using my own old t-shirt. Keep in mind that some t-shirt fabric stretches more than other.

The process is really very self explanatory: cut, stretch, twist and try it on.

Like I said – there are a lot of DIY headbands tutorials out there, many different ways to make them, but we really liked simple, fast and easy ones. For example, this braided headband is quite simple too (if you know how to braid your daughter’s hair, you can make this headband).

diy headbands

diy headband braded

Experiment with the width of the fabric to get different types of headbands. Be creative and have fun.

easy diy headbands

diy headbands

We ended up making a lot of headbands (a lot more than you see in the pictures). It’s a great way to recycle those old t-shirts taking up your closet’s space.


 Have you ever tried DIY headbands from old t-shirts? How did you like them?

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