DIY Pencil Holder That Looks Like School Bus

DIY Pencil Holder is a great project for kids (and for teachers) to kick off the school year.

Personally I haven’t had many office jobs with an actual table, but those few times I did have one (I was teaching) I wanted a new pencil holder. It just had to be there. For some weird reason I felt that a new pencil holder would make things easier, would set me in the mood to be more organized and would look cool in front of my students. And of course, it had to be a DIY pencil holder, because who cares about the one you buy in the store, right?

homemade pencil holder

So today we are sharing a homemade pencil holder that me and my daughter made for her table this year. Even though she won’t be going to school yet, she still spends good amount of time at her table doing crafts and what not. (shhhh…I am there too).

diy pencil holder

How to make DIY Pencil Holder (that looks like School Bus)

things you will need:

  • empty plastic ice cream box
  • scissors
  • colors (markers, acrylic paint)

diy pencil hodler what to do:

1. gather your supplies

2. place the ice cream lid down and cut out wanted shapes of pencil holes with scissors

3. color it. First we colored almost the hole box in yellow with acrylic paint. Waited for it t dry

4. decorate it to look like a school bus with the markers

diy pen holder

homemade pencil holder

The coolest part about this is that it’s made out of ice cream box. On those hold winter days this DIY pencil holder will remind her the hot days of summer and delicious ice cream.

diy pencil holder

I can’t believe we are talking about school stuff already. It seems like the summer has just started yesterday when we were planning to make all those water blobs.

Anyway, it is what it is and the best thing is just to follow along the next chapter together with your children and enjoy every minute you get to spend with them.


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