Make Toy for Baby. Round 3

It will take you literally 2 minutes (at most) to make toy for baby. This is my 3rd post on Homemade Baby Toys series post. I listed the other two in the bottom of the post.

homemade baby toy

Things you will need:

  • 2 clear plastic lids (like from bigger yogurt container)
  • beads or anything else you would want to put inside the toy (pasta, grains)
  • glue or hot  glue gun
  • tape

 Instructions on how to make toy for baby

baby toy1

It’s really self explanatory, but here are the things that I did:

1. Put the beads (or whatever you are putting) in one for the lids.

2. Put the glue around of the lid’s edges and put it into the other lid. It might take some squeezing and pushing, but you should be able to fit one lid into another one.

3. Wait until the glue is dry and put the tape all around. I think this is optional, just for extra piece in mind.

homemade baby toy

Even my toddler son had fun with it. He was trying to see it through the clear plastic lid. Earlier I caught him just rolling the beads from one side to another. It was a nice calming toy for him.

make baby toy3

Make baby toys like this one as gifts, thank you treats at birthday parties with personalized message in them (on them).

shaking baby toy

Here are the other two Homemade baby toys. (press on the picture to get to the post)

                         homemade baby toy                     toy for baby

IMPORTANT. This is a DIY toy. Nothing tested or inspected of course. Make your own judgments on whether it’s safe for your child to play with it. And if you do, please don’t leave your child unattended. There is tape that can get scratched off and could get into baby’s mouth. or the toy can be stepped on by an adult and the beads could become loose.

For some more DIY Toys please check out my Toy Making Category or my DIY TOYS FOR KIDS Ebook.

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