DIY St Patricks Day Clover stamp



St. Patrick’s Day is coming and we are getting in the “green mood”. My daughter had always loved clovers. So she was very excited to see today’s St. Patrick’s craft idea I had put together.

St Patricks Day clover stamping can be a great motor skills activity for your toddler and fun art project for an older child who can be inspired to create more.

To make “St Patricks Day Clover stamps”you will only need 2 items:

  • 3 toilet paper rolls and extra piece for the the clover stem
  • 3 cloth pins


  1. Bend toilet paper rolls in the middle to form a heart shape.
  2. Put the pointy parts of heart together and attach all three “toilet paper leaves” with paper clips.
  3.  Don’t forget the clover stem. Stick it together with one of the “leaves”.
  4. Make sure they are all at the same level.

st patricks day clover

Arrange some paint in the container big enough to dip the clover.

And let the fun begin.

My kids were surprised to see how pretty it looked after just one stamp.


Dim. Stamp. Dip. Stamp. Even a toddler can do this.


My 5 year old extended this art activity by coloring and “designing” the clovers. Who said they have to be green? 🙂

stpatricksdayclover5And here is the end result.


It was a great mini art project with St. Patrick’s Day theme. It was super fast and easy to prepare for it and the kids had a blast seeing how wonderful their art projects were coming along.


We love making our art tools by up cycling the things we have at home. Check out our last stamping art we did with cardboard blocks.


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  1. Stamping is so much fun….especially recycled stamping! I like that even the younger artists can keep up and feel successful with their artwork.

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