25 DIY Swings You Can Make For Your Kids

I can’t forget the day when my parents made a DIY Swings for me. It was something magical! I was swinging and dreaming about the day when I will make it to my children. So, spring is here and it’s time to create a childhood memory that will stay in their heart forever. Even if you have a tiny backyard you can still create a playful area for your children.  One of the best ways to do it, is make them a DIY swing. So, I gathered 25 DIY swing ideas and I hope you’ll find the one that fits to your backyard perfectly!

DIY Swings Ideas

  1. The airplane swing does look complicated but it sure is cool. It could be a perfect present for boys birthdays or other events.
  2. What a swing chair that can turn into cool nap swing for kids! It could fit our entire family. Moreover, this type of DIY swings are made from pallets and it means that mission is possible and quite cheap to implement.tree-swing-kai-kapono
  3. If you don’t feel like a master of wood and you have an awesome tree in your backyard this swing idea is perfect to you! Find the tutorial for a simple backyard swing for two!530f68c4dbfa3f4367006da7._w.540_s.fit_
  4. Parents who are really interested in modern style and and want to create something really special, can make this modern swing set from scratch by themselves. Looks nice, huh?
  5. Simple hammock chair made with fabrics looks very cute! You can hang it outside and it will be a chair and a swing at the same time. It all depends on your imagination!
  6. Adorable toddlers DIY swings made by fabrics are super cool idea not only to your backyard, but for indoors places as well.6117170179_48bd214b7b
  7. Cute wooden swing covered with fabric looks like perfect place for kids to relax, swing, dream, read or even have a nap. 
  8. I love this rope swing idea and tutorial! It’s super easy and cheap to make. What is cool that it’s so simple that you can make it together with your kids. Let them decorate it as they want to. I am sure, it will last for ages.
  9. This DIY Tree swing can be used not only for kids, but adults too. Actually, it looks super simple, but really cute! 
  10. Oh , WOW, this platform tree swing instead of tire swing is
    just adorable! 
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Upcycled DIY Swings

I can’t exclude some upcycling ideas! You will be amazed what can we do from something, that usually goes to the recycle bin…

diy swings

      11. Make a swing out of a bucket. Sounds crazy? Yes, I know, but you can make it super cool! 

      12. You can paint a boring old tire any how you want it. I love this lady bug – Cooltireswings. Ideas from old tires are unlimited. Plus, my kids said that they are super comfortable!

      13. Turn an old skateboard into a swing. It’s just an every boy dream.

      14. Have a broken chair? You can make a super cute swing out of it. I love this tutorial, it looks super easy to make! 

      15. One of the most exciting idea for DIY swings was made from old trampolines. Actually, I couldn’t decide which one I love the most. They all looks like a must for a family! Check ideas here.

      16. More breath taking Swing ideas from trampolines that turn into swinging bed in your backyard you can find here as well!

      17. One of our latest projects was a comfy swing out of plastic fruit box. Actually, all neighbourhood kids wanted this super easy yet comfortable DIY Swings in our backyard.

      18. LOL, looking at this mama project make me laugh and be surprised by the creativity. All used materials was up-cycled! 

DIY Swings

Swings made from Tire

      19. Multiple tire swing that will promise much joy for kids!

      20. Tire swing made like a seat. Site is in German, but I think it has enough photos to make it clear!

      21. Tire twister swing can be even more cool if you make it from tractor tires!

      22. This bloggers creativity is just insane! Look at this Horse tire swing.

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      23. How about a Deer swing

      24. Platform swing with rope and padded steel frame.

      25. Super spinner tree swing for more than one person!


It’s me and my daughter back in Lithuania 4 years ago. I don’t know how to make this swing, but it was very comfy…

DIY Swings

I hope you feel inspired by these ideas and feel ready to make a unique swing to your kids. Imagine the weekend when the sun is shining, all family is gathered together and you are working on the Swing project. After all, watching a sunset, seeing your kids swinging and dreaming about the future. Just as you did in the childhood. <3

thoughtful ideas for mother’s day

thoughtful ideas for mother’s day

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  1. Oooh plastic fruit box is clever! And that chair one is super cute! My grandfather made me a swing when I was a kid and me and my friends were on it pretty much every day.

    1. Birute Efe

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        ✿ ✄ ✈ amazing toys for kids – thanks
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  2. Thank you for featuring our tire swing! That is one of my * O L D * posts! 😉 -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    I co-host a couple of link parties each week. If you have time, I’d love for you to join the fun at my place. No pressure, of course!

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