DIY Wall Art Made By Kids

Crafting with nature is one of our favorite art activities. We start with one idea and then end up with totally different project. And that’s what we love most about it: the unexpected paths and turns we get to take while working with wonderful nature creations.

Today’s craft/project was supposed to be something very different. We are not even sure anymore what we were gonna do. But we are so happy what we DID.

wall art craft

It’s homemade wall art.

Kids made it, I made sure to hang it on the wall.

As always we are pretty simple when it comes to crafting materials: we either look for them in our recycling bins or step outside and get some stuff from nature. Pretty cheap, I know.

Gather your materials:

  • different shapes of leaves, pinecones, flowers, etc
  • paint (we used acrylic) and brushes (optional)
  • canvas or cardboard pieces

crafts for kids

1. Color leaf (or any other nature material you are working with). Make sure it’s coded well and have enough paint on it.

2. Press it on your canvas (or cardboard). Help your kids to make sure every corner touches the surface.

3. Carefully peel off the leaf.

making wall art with kids

Voila, you got yourself a leaf print.

crafts with nature

crafting with nature

There is no right or wrong in this craft. Experimenting and being playful with textures is the key to this art activity. Suggest your kids to mix colors if they want, add extra touches by hand or with the brush.

We love displaying all of the kids’ art in our little farm house. We try to find different ways to do it so it can match the actual project. Since it was made on simple cardboard pieces we thought something natural would fit in here. We picked up an old piece of wood. It looks aged, and it is, naturally aged. We hanged it on the wall and glued the cardboard pictures on.

craft with cardboard

I am not big in design, but I think it looked pretty rustic and matched our house entry pretty well. What do you guys think?

Seeing it hanging on the wall for everybody to enjoy proves so many points that we are trying to teach our kids as parents.

Simple is beautiful.

You can make beautiful.

Beautiful can be made from anything.

wall art craft  by kids


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  1. I’m sorry if the comment is doubled, it just took me as a spamer and I’m a genuine fan 🙂 This is such great effect, I like combining crafts and nature.

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