DIY Water Shooter Toy from Dad’s Childhood Memories

diy water shooter

I have imagined this to be the very first post my husband (known as The Farmer around here) wrote on my blog.


I guess I am not that big of a deal to have guest posts yet, even if it’s from dear husband.

Oh well, a girl can a dream, right?

But I still got something pretty cool for you guys today!

You see The Farmer did grow up on the farm (I knew his roots were calling him) and has a lot of amazing and sometimes hard to believe stories to tell to the kids.

They are always fascinated by his long (and I mean looong) stories about how they would play soccer with balls made from socks and some sand in it (because simply they didn’t have soccer balls  (they could not afford it back then).

There was one toy he mentioned a while ago and he promised to the kids he would make it once it got hot. And it did got here in Turkey.

To make this DIY water shooter you will need:

1. Bamboo

2. Wood stick slightly thinner than a bamboo

3. Piece of cloth (old towel works great!)

You will also need a hand saw (or a sharp knife) to cut a bamboo, a nail to make a whole in the end of bamboo and a hammer.

How to make a Bamboo Water Shooter

DIY water toy

1-3. Cut one section of the bamboo. You should have one end with the hole and the other end covered.

4.  Make a small hole in the covered end of the bamboo. Use nail and the hammer, but be gentle not to brake it.

5. Wrap a piece of cloth around the stick and put it into the bamboo. The wrapped up stick should be coming in and out pretty smoothly.

diy water toy

It works pretty easy

Put the bamboo shooter in the bucket of water, pull the the stick slowly out of the bamboo (just the wrapped part) and then just push it back. IT will shoot water out of that little hole you made. It actually shoots pretty high.

The Farmer made quite a few of those bamboo water shooters so it will be enough for the neighborhood kids when they come to play. And they did come. As soon as they heard the laughter of our kids.

diy water shooter diy water toy7

The kids had the best time and I do have a video to prove it. Please watch it and subscribe to our Youtube channel (my daughter is closely monitoring her channel’s growing numbers).  We are going to make videos like this every week.

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  1. Don Vitto

    Cheap, fast and playful! Awesome Birute!

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