DIY Wheelbarrow for Kiddo

diy wheelbarrow

I can’t believe we are living on the farm! So does that make me farmer’s wife and my kids little farmers?

Well, not sure what the farmer’s wife supposed to do, but my kids definitely could be described as little farmers. Our 2 year old son is following his dad (The Farm Man) everywhere he goes and tries to do everything he does.

The Farm Man (I am kinda liking this nickname) has been doing some work with his yellow wheelbarrow and guess who want ‘to help’…

So being a good Farmer’s Wife (ME!) I decided to make a wheelbarrow for the kiddo. As always, using things that I already have around the house.

How we made a wheelbarrow for the kiddo

things you will need:

  • wooden fruit box (you can find them in garage sales or thrift stores, farms or here. 
  • wood stick (I used scrap wood that I had already from another project) long enough to make 2 handles for the wheelbarrow and a little piece for the bottom to attach the caster.
  •  Industrial Caster, 5-Inch (I used a 3 inch I believe and it was little too small, The Farm Man is getting a bigger one today while in town).
  • duct tape for the wheelbarrow’s handles (for looks and for convenience).
  • paint (optional)


  • hammer and few few nails
  • drill and some screws (there should be some in the box with the caster)

diy wheelbarrow

things you will have to do:

*keep in mind that I am not a professional wood worker, I am just trying to make a toy for my child as good as I can with the materials and tools I have. And I don’t have many. 

  1. I nailed the handles (the sticks)  to the sides of the wooden box.
  2. Attached the little piece of wood the the bottom of the box (where the caster goes).
  3. Drilled the caster to that piece of wood.
  4. Sprayed painted the box (totally optional).
  5. Put some duct tape on the handles.

diy wheelbarrow project


How they played the wheelbarrow

I just could not resist of sharing too many pictures of how much the whole family enjoyed the new wheelbarrow.


Hard working mendiy wheelbarrow playingdiy wheelbarrow workingdiy wheelbarrow togetherdiy wheelbarrow playing with sister

Taking hard earned break

diy wheelbarrow sitting

And it’s dinner time. Getting ready for the salad diy wheelbarrow garden

Everyone (including me) loved the new wheelbarrow. It’s not fancy and not professional looking that you would buy from the store but it definitely serves its purpose and is so close to everyone’s heart just because WE made it.

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