DIY Youtube Halloween Costume

Youtube  Halloween Costume is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. Why?

Sofia and I have recently got into making a lot more videos and have been loving Youtube.



homemade youtube costume

OK, so the Halloween costume. IT’s super easy.  Basically, it’s the idea that makes it super cool.

All you need is a cardboard. Preferably, it should be white, but if you don’t have one, you can just glue some white paper on it.

Cut a big hole. That’s where Youtube screen will be.

The rest is up to your calligraphy skills. I admit, I am not that impressive at all. But again, I am just an average left handed person, trying to make writing readable.

diy youtube costume 1

How to have fun

It’s a Halloween costume. And it’s not even Halloween yet (due to my awesome blogging “job” I get to make things early). However, Sofia has been having too much fun with this ‘costume’.

She carries it everywhere and pretends to be a “news lady” or just a youtube vlogger (video blogger).

One thing for sure, your kid will not shut up wearing costume. But that’s what it’s for. Right?

diy youtube costume

Couple years ago I remember standing in line (for candy!) with my daughter and at leaaast hundred other kids in one of those downtown Halloween festivals for kids. This Youtube Live costume would have been a hit in that line. We all could have watched YouTube!

Another cool thing about this costume is that it’s free! Totally! My neighbor totally didn’t mind me taking her big cardboard off the curb and, well, let’s just say I “borrowed” Sofia’s fancy markers..

homemade youtube costume youtube costume

Actually, we had a lot of fun with this DIY TV activity. Check out, there is a cute video there too.

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  1. She really looks like she’s having fun hamming it up! Love it!

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