Easter Crafts For Toddlers

Are you looking for an easy and fun Easter Crafts for toddlers? I got one for you. Actually, this craft is perfect when you have a preschooler and a toddler at home. Here, in my house, if my toddler is in “artsy and crafty” mood it’s mostly done by FINGER PAINTING (check out our famous Christmas Tree finger-painted). I know, it can get messy, but the fun your kids will have is worth it! Fortunately, it requires minimal preparation, a good weather outside (read till the end to find out why I’ve mentioned all of this) and a good mood to have an artistic time with your kiddos. So, let’s start making art for your Easter holiday fun!

Easter Craft For Toddlers

I can reveal you a secret: on good days (like today) it’s a planned and prepared activity and on not-so-good-days – my living room walls are the place where finger painting is happening. Ouch… ☺

So I suggest you to learn from my mistakes and move this activity outside if the weather allows it!

Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Finger painting huge Easter Eggs is perfect craft during or before the Easter holiday. It can become as perfect room decoration! You can make an Easter craft or painting gallery in the house.. and anything else you can think of!  So, let’s get started!

You will need:

The rest of the craft you will find in the video below:

From the above video you can see that it’s not only fun, but educational as well! Kids will have a lot of sensory practice during this awesome Easter craft activity. If you want to make some small Easter egg craft, you can find some more ideas here.

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Easter craft for toddlers

If you are already in a mood of making it, find a list below of few extra tips to turn this Easter crafts for toddlers into success:

  • We did this craft outside to make the cleanup easier.
  • keep an old wet-shirt, in case kids want to wipe their hands off.
  • make sure to use washable paint to avoid total clothes destruction.
  • involve an older sibling. This activity is perfect for different age kids.
  • be cool and calm. Don’t stress over a lot of paint on your toddler’s body. (it’s part of toddler’s art)

Easter crafts for toddlers

When spring warmth and sun comes into your town, enjoy Easter crafts with toddlers outside! Wish you a warm Easter time with your loved ones.

P.S. If you like the post, you’ll also find some other useful ideas for the Easter Holidays below!

Easter Craft for toddlers

Easter Craft for toddlers

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