A Trick To Easy Drawing For Kids

Fun activity that turned into an easy drawing for kids game was voted one of the best drawing games EVER by my kids.

It’s very simple, yet brilliantly awesome and very very fun.

drawing on the mirror pin

Get Ready: Easy Drawing For Kids Activity:materials for mirror drawing

  • mirror (something like this would be perfect)
  • white board markers
  • sponge or cloth (to wipe off markers)

How to draw a portrait:

Sit down comfortably in the chair. Hold mirror with one hand and put it on your lap or on the table facing you. Close one eye and start tracing your face lines with the marker.  Try as carefully as you can to mimic face features on the mirror.

drawing face on mirror

More easy drawing ideas for kids

  1. Sit next to your friend or a sibling and try to draw his/her face.
  2. Hold your mirror and walk around the room or backyard to find interesting objects to draw/trace on the mirror. Then show your friends and ask them to guess what you draw. Fun guessing game.
  3. Draw funny picture prop (with mustache, weirdly shaped noses, etc) and position your face according to the prop and take hilarious pictures.

face drawing on mirror

We absolutely loved this easy drawing for kids activity. It turned into an afternoon full of funny drawings.

I hope you and your kids get to try this. It’s a lot of fun!


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