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Googling for “easy Halloween costume”. You have been there in some point of your life, haven’t you?  The feeling of desperation, the rush and the guilt is not a good combination, but kid still needs a Halloween costume!

No time to order online?

No $$ to go buy a new costume?

Want something original?

easy halloween costume9

This homemade Halloween costume of Peanut Butter and Jelly will take you literally 10 minutes to make. The best part – it will cost you nothing. Nada. Zero.

Of course, it’s if you like me and have a trusted resource (a rich neighbor who keeps buying new appliance every week) of cardboard and a good stash of paint, colors or even crayons.

halloween costume easy

To make this easy Halloween costume you will need:

  • some cardboard
  • scissors
  • paint with brush
  • some tape
  • rope/ribbon

wasy halloween costume to make

Make your peanut butter sandwich. Costume.

1. Obviously you need bread, right? Cut out 2 “bread looking” pieces out of cardboard.

2. Add some peanut butter (brown color paint) to one slice of bread and Jelly (purple color paint) to the other slice.

3. Tape a string/ribbon to the back side of the bread with the tape so you can tie the costume to the child around his belly.

This Peanut Butter and Jelly costume you could easily pull it off as sibling Halloween costume. One wears the jelly and other one – peanut butter.

easy halloween costume 2 easy homemade halloween costume

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