Easy Pinecone Turkey craft

Looking for some easy Thanksgiving craft? We made one today! A really easy Pinecone Turkey Craft and we found a way where we can use it later.

pinecone turkey craft easy

The beauty of this Thanksgiving pinecone turkey craft is in its simplicity. It’s really very self explanatory. Get your materials and put your turkey together!

pinecone turkey craft

 You will need:

  • Q tips
  • Pinecone
  • googly eyes
  • colors

pinecone turkey craft tutorial

  1. Ideally choose pinecone that has that wood piece left from the tree. This serves as turkey’s beak perfectly. Paint it read.
  2. Color your Q tips. We used (because of somebody’s huge request) crayons, but I believe this could be done better with markers or even some acrylic paint.
  3. Stick the colored Q tips into pinecone.
  4. Bend one Q tip in half and stick in the bottom of the pinecone to serve as Turkey’s legs.
  5. Attach googly eyes. (by gluing them).


pinecone turkey craft

Here is our bonus add for this pinecone turkey craft. This qute gabble gabble can perfectly serve you as the cutest Thanksgiving Table Name Tag. It’s homemade, it’s child’s craft and art, so surely everyone will be fascinated. Our DIY Christmas Table Name Cards are already a big hit.

pinecone turkey craft


pinecone turkey craft

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