Every Parent Can Teach Their Toddler

The title says it all. Every parent CAN teach their toddler…, but, not everybody knows how to.

Few years ago when my first child turned 2 I had very different feelings (as probably all moms do) about the whole toddler education thing. I was a new mom and didn’t know many things I do now.

teaching your toddler

First, I felt that sending my daughter to a daycare at the age of 2 (!) was good for her education. I thought she will learn a lot of stuff, teachers know what they are doing there, they have proper toys and other needed educational materials. I didn’t know any better back then.

The other side of me, of course, didn’t want my little baby to be thought (the very first and most important things in life) by anybody BUT me. I wanted to be  her educator. I didn’t know how to do it, but I wanted.

2 very different feelings that contradict to each other, right?

SO what did I do?

I felt pressure from society and my friends and I gave up. I started those tours around the daycare centers all over the town. Oh boy, the things I have seen. And it’s not necessarily that the daycare centers were  bad (even though some of them were surprisingly incompetent for the job they were supposed to do) , but it definitely alerted me more about the quality of toddler education and how important it is.

However, my daughter did go to daycare center, but not for long.

teach your toddler

I think that letting her go for few weeks to a daycare gave me more confidence and hope so I CAN teach my toddler.

So I did.

To cut the story short, things would have been easier if I would have had a recourse like this. 

I was scrapping stuff from here and there, which didn’t save my time at all. I didn’t realize back then the simplicity of it, which would probably give me more freedom and more joy in teaching.

But NOW I know better and for those moms who can relate to my story a little, I can’t stress enough how important is to have a plan, support, good organization and a trusted resource to go to when you are in need for some fresh ideas.

teaching toddler2

The bottom line is: believe in yourself, in your little munchkin and you CAN teach your toddler.

How to teach you toddler?youtube-thumbnail

I am super excited to be part of this new amazing ebook that has just launched. It’s called Every Child Can Teach their Toddler: Learning Through Play Every Day (affiliate link) It’s written by 20 kid bloggers who know their stuff pretty good and has the best ideas and advice on how to teach tots. I am so honored to be one of the contributors too.

Take a look at the content of the book. It has 135 pages of activities for toddlers! You will never run out of things to do with your toddler for sure.


I truly love this book and the whole concept of it. Allowing your toddler to learn through play, exploration and experience is the best way to raise life-long learners who appreciate the value of reading, learning and just being curious!

Get a copy of this ebook and make your days more joyful with your toddler. Learning is fun!


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