Exciting Breakfast – Fruit Bars

Summer has passed with a blink of an eye and school is starting in just a few hours. Literally. There is only some crazy pictures and bruises on their knees and elbows to remind the kids about the fun summer they had.

I decided to extend the summer theme this morning by making the real summer breakfast.

Who is excited?

sleepy kids

It sure did help my son to wake up but my daughter was still in her deepest dreams.

Let’s start with the inspiration

Fruttare® Mango. These frozen fruit bars are made with deliciously luscious mangoes. They are my favorite. You can actually taste real fruit in them. This case – mangoes.

Fruttare® frozen fruit bars. You can pick your favorite flavor at your local grocery store (check if your local store has it here). They have tons of different kinds of fruit bars.

fruttare fruit bars


Find your favorite breakfast cereal or granola and pour some in the plate. Dip your fruit bar in it and enjoy this cool, crunchy, fresh, modestly sweet taste in your mouth.

It’s all in one. You get fruit, cereal and if you pick Fruttare® Strawberry and Milk fruit bar you would have some creamy milk in there too.

breakfast bars fruttare


They wanted more and called me “the best breakfast maker in the world”.

fruit bar

P.S. We ended up trying different cereal and granola, added some nuts (YUM!) and every time we dipped our fruit bars. It was perfect way to celebrate the end of summer vacation.

Fruttare® fruit bars are made with real, delicious fruit that comes from places we know and trust — sustainable farms that do everything they can to love, respect and protect our planet.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.