Family Vision Board

Making a vision board is one of our new family traditions we are so excited about.  Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be one of the greatest things we did as a family lately.

Family Vision Board


Vision board, in our case Family Vision Board, is a place where we put inspiration, goals, experiences and adventures we want to have and dreams on one board. Usually it’s beautiful and motivating pictures cut out from magazines. The images represent what you want to do during that year, what goals you want to achieve and what you want to learn. Why it’s important you can read here!

It’s a fun activity for kids because it involves pictures. It’s easy for them to imagine and then dream about it.

our family vision board


You will need:

  • scissors (one for each family member who can cut)
  • some magazines. If you don’t have any – do what we do – check out your local bookstore’s recycling bins
  • a poster board. We used cardboard, because we love reusing things.
  • glue
  • some snacks and drinks for the cozy mood

Cut out pictures, lay them on the board and then glue them on.

Design tip! Make sure to choose some large images and glue them on first. Later fill in the gaps with the smaller images. You can categorize the images by the person, color scheme or the theme.


Put/hang the vision board where all the family members can see it everyday. We used one of the side walls in our living room. So that way we are reminded of the goals and dreams every day. We keep looking at it during dinner and it becomes a dreamy conversation every single night.

family vision board haning


As a family we want to travel more and visit astonishing historic places. We have a lot here in Mediterranean. Also we want to be even more aware of mother nature and protect her as much as we can, by educating others. We want to grow our farm even bigger by growing more vegetables and fruit trees.

Me: I want to start yoga (can you believe I have never tried it). I also want to spend more quality time with my husband. I haven’t been on a date with him for 2 years now.

My husband: wants follow his passion of film-making and start his youtube channel. He is hoping to plant more trees this year.

Sofia wishes to have more friends and she wants to learn all about the stars. Also, she found 1 picture, where a student is sitting at the sand table on the beach and studying. I have never even had a vision like that in my head before, but we loved it so much we put that on our vision board wishing that maybe one day we can homeschool on the beach as well.

Adas – our 2.5 year old – wants to go fishing and fly more kites.

Updated: This post originally appeared in 2015. Let me tell you what we have been able to achieve in this year. I started yoga. Partially. 🙂 My husband started making some short videos and planted few trees. Sofia found many many new friends and she actually got to study at the beach, because we moved and now live 2 minutes from stunning beach! Adas did fly lots of kites, but didn’t go fishing yet.

vision board pictures


I think it’s important to teach kids from very early ages that anything is possible. Making a vision board teaches them to make goals, start new dreams and take actions.

Make sure to talk to your kids that their goals and dreams for the next year should involve helping others and being in service for those who need most.

vision board

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Spending a cozy weekend afternoon with the family while creating a vision board was very relaxing and, to my surprise, quite entertaining for everyone.

I always expect a great year full of new goals, dreams and discoveries. Can’t wait for it all to happen!

Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

thoughtful ideas for mother’s day
thoughtful ideas for mother’s day

3 thoughts on “Family Vision Board”

  1. I loved this idea and I’m going to work on this today with my family. I do a vision board regularly for myself and for my business but had never thought to do a family one before. Very excited. It’s one to add to my collection of Ideas to Make 2016 Special to you as a Mum. (I already sent out my 2015 version).

    1. Birute Efe

      Glad you liked a family vision board, Sherry. I am sure it will be a great activity and inspiration for everyone in the family! Have fun!

  2. Jamie

    I absolutely love this idea!! Especially for this time of year when we are cooped up from the freezing temps outside. Thanks!

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