20 The Best Family Weekend Activities

I know weekends are for sleeping-in (theoretically), eating pancakes  and then rushing to the birthday parties, soccer games and if you are lucky maybe a mall. But that’s the only time we get to spend quality time with our kids who are going to school Monday through Friday. Let’s choose wisely on how we spend time with them and start to plan family weekend activities in advance!

I have chosen 20 of our favorite things to do on the weekends. Most of them are FREE, with minimal or no preparation and kid-approved (meaning your kids will be so excited about them).

family weekend activities

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Family Weekend Activities 

Family weekend activities can be a real adventure for the whole the family. Make some memories together and enjoy the time well spent with your loved ones! Find TOP ideas below:

Pyramid Kite

Make a pyramid kite. It sounds complicated, but it’s not. Plus, kids will learn a thing or two.  Watch the video and very easy instructions over at Kids Activities Blog.

Sumo Wrestling

Have a family sumo wrestling competition on a Saturday morning. This one is by far one of my kids’ favorite family weekend activities. In fact it lasts way past morning time.

Chain Reaction

Build a chain reaction with Popsicle or craft sticks. This could also be done with books. Frugal Fun 4 Boys has a fun tutorial. Dads will love this activity too!

Flour Game

Play a flour  game to really get the giggles out of your kids. Super fun weekend activity after a stressful week at school. One Good Thing By Jillee has instructions on how to play this game.

Jump in puddles!

Rainy day? It can be lots of fun. Be a kid again and wear boots to go and jump in puddles. Silly, but super entertaining.

Draw a portrait

Draw a portrait of each other. Don’t feel like an artist? Catch an easy drawing idea for kids here.

Flea market

Go to a flea market and give everybody a budget of $2.  See what they bring home. It’s like a treasure hunt in our family. We love this and all of us are looking forward to it.


Build a an amazing FORT just like Art Bar Blog did.


Go on the adventure with geocaching. Geocaching is the real-world adventure that’s happening right now, all around you. Check it out, it’s a lot of fun!

Family Weekend Activities


Play a family Jenga. Add little twist to it by writing things on each block, such as:

  • “What makes you happy”,
  • “Tell us about your favorite movie”,
  • “We want to know more about your best friend”,
  • “We would love to hear about the best day of your life”.

Piggy Bank

Make a piggy bank together and start saving for the next holiday.

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Cardboard Boomerang

Make a cardboard boomerang (instructions and free printable included) and go fly it outside.

Space Pod

Make a space pod. It’s a fun weekend project for entire family.

DYE Family T-shirts

Dye Family t-shirts together to stand out of the crowd.

Family Meeting

Have a family meeting tradition to keep things positive and happy. Let’s Lasso The Moon has 10 steps on how to hold a successful family meeting on a weekly basis.

Music Video

Make a music video and upload it to Youtube for your family and friends to see. Just for fun! Imagine, watching it after a year or more giggles are guaranteed!

Family Weekend Activities

Act Of Kindness

Do a random act of kindness together with your kids. You will be surprised how much fun it is. Here is the great list of things you can do.


Finally, if you feel up for it you can even do some engineering with the kids. It’s way too awesome.


I hope you got some ideas for your family weekend activities. Choose one or two (or 5) and do others next week. Make it a habit and have with it. You only have 940 weekends until they turn 18.

Even more family games 

Looking for more? Catch up 20 family games for weekends or game night!

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