Affordable and Free Summer Camps Online

Summer camps can get VERY expensive (especially if you have few children). While they are a lot of fun and can provide tons of experience for kids (and free time for you as a parent) there are other options. I collected a list of best Free summer camps ONLINE (I added few that cost little money, just because I really saw value in them).

Free Summer Camps Online

free summer camps

Camp Playful 

Ideal for kids who love crafts, DIY toys, creating, family friendly activities 

Every week Camp Playful will send you three activities via email subscription to try with your kids. Not only this camp is free, you won’t probably even need to buy fancy craft supplies, because these brilliant creators will share with you crafts and activities you can make using household items you already have at your home.

Cost: Free

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Maker Camp 

For kids who love to  fix some things, break some things, get dirty, building, tinkering, exploring.

Cost: Free

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Kindness Summer Camp 

You can find ideas, resources, and support to do acts of kindness and service projects with your kids this summer 

It’s not your typical camp, but it can benefit so many people.

It’s a Facebook group that anyone can join and follow weekly kindness assignments that 4 bloggers, counselors are assigning and doing with their own kids.

Some of our favorite suggested acts of kindness: anonymously drawing and writing a warm message with chalk on neighbors driveway, handing out quarters at the car wash, visiting elderly people.

Cost: Free

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Camp Wonderopolis 

Perfect for STEM-based exploration. Along the way they will build their vocabulary, background knowledge, and literacy skills.

Does your child WONDER about the trees that grow so tall or the flowers that bloom each spring? This camp is for your child!

Cost: Free

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Start With The Book 

To keep the reading going through the summer.

We loved it because it lets your child pick what he or she already likes — dinosaurs, building, animals, sports, superheroes and music — so that parents can have fun and interact meaningfully with children while helping to strengthen their reading skills and at the same time get them to think, talk, create and explore.

Cost: Free

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Camp PBS Parents  

This virtual camp has it all starting from DIY toy projects to s’more recipes.

Cost: Free

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Affordable Summer Camps Online

And if you can find a dollar (or two) there are some super awesome camps that are pretty cheap for what they offer. Especially if you compare to the traditional camps.

DIY Camps 

These are the camps that I, as a parent would love to take every each of them.

They have the coolest camp topics such as: Online School of Wizardry (making awesome magical objects: potions, cast spells, and create everything from quills and chocolate frogs!), Lego Master Camp (a camp for builders who like to think outside the box), Movie Maker Camp (will teach how to start making movies more proffesionally).

All the counselors are super fun and will lead your kids through the camp with personal messages and encouragements.

Price: starts at $10 per camp

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Summer Survival Kit 

It takes all those down-time moments of boredom and turns them into something fun!

This is what you would get in this survival kit: Kid Kitchen Bootcamp, Healthy Snack Ideas Awesome Sites for Kids, Preschool Reading List, Kindergarten Reading List, 1st Grade Reading List, 2nd Grade Reading List, 3rd Grade Reading List, 4th Grade Reading List, Awesome Books for Boys, Awesome Books for Girls, Morning Routine, Bedtime Routine, Summer Fun List, Packing Tips, Packing List, Road Trip Games, Toddler Chore Chart, Preschooler Chore Chart, LOTS of Kid Activities.

It is LITERALLY a survival kit for mothers with kids during summer all in one place.

Price: $19.99

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Virtual Book Club For Kids 

The Virtual Book Club for Kids Summer Camp is 3 WEEKS of children’s picture book themed activities and crafts for Ages 2-5 with ALL NEW THEMES!!!
15 simple printable activities and crafts featuring favorite children’s books based on the weekly themes plus 3 bonus activities.  All activities will be playful and geared around hands-on learning. Plus ideas for songs, snack ideas and even summer adventures all tied into each of the 3 themes.  (You’ll receive 6 exclusive activities in each weekly newsletter along with additional resources) ALL NEW ACTIVITIES THIS SUMMER!

Price: $10.99

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Virtual summer camps are awesome: they provide valuable information so the child can get off the screen (normally) and start the activity using real life objects.