Hanging clothes activity

Have you ever thought of engaging your child into the activity that is an actual chore? I am sure you did. Here is one that I just did with my kids.

hanging clothes activity

For a while now my kids have been asking me to help hang the clothes outside to dry. (Yes, we dry our clothes on the line, instead of using dryer for few reasons).

The line I use is too high for them, so I made a smaller version for them. I put two wooden sticks and put them in the ground. Then I attached a rope to both sticks at the height that is comfortable for my children. Gave them some cloth pins and some wet clothes. It is that simple.

Why I love this hanging clothes activity:

  • improved fine motor skills when handling the cloth pin.
  • it was a great self-confidence boost for both of my children because they saw that they were really helping me.
  • I always like activities that are practical. This one is really one of them. It’s a  win-win.

I was surprised  that it actually turned out into a multi-time activity. Every time I had to hang clothes to dry, my kids would volunteer. How great is that!

hanging clothes activity

hanging clothes activity


Ideas on how to extend Hanging Clothes Activity

1. Before putting the rope with the sticks for the kids to hang the clothes, involve them into finding the best spot for it. Discuss where would clothes would dry faster.

It is a great opportunity to talk with kids about the affect of the wind and the sun and how (and when) those conditions change. For example, it is sunny in the mornings in our backyard, so we try to hang the clothes that time.

2. After the kids hang the clothes, remind them to check on them to see  if they are dry. Again, there is another great chance to teach about dry, wet, semi-dry and  son on.

3. Hanging clothes is an activity. Well, taking them off is an activity too. Taking the cloth pins off and putting the clothes into the basket is fun too.

4. How about folding and sorting? This one is much easier when the socks are involved. Kids can match the socks and put them where they belong.

5. If you have different color cloth pins and some socks to be hanged, the kids could match the colors of the socks and the cloth pins.


Don’t forget, it’s an activity (well, maybe a chore too) so just have fun with it even if you find (and use) teaching opportunities here and there.


Happy hanging!

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