Hilarious Christmas Games For Families

Make this Christmas unforgettable by creating lifelong childhood memories. Shake things up this year and play some Hilarious Christmas Games For Families. Trust me, it will be the best holidays you’ve ever had! Most of the games don’t require any preparation. It fits for all ages and you probably have all the supplies ready in your cupboards. Thus, all you need is some good mood and players keen for fun activities!

Hilarious Christmas Games For Families

Ready to laugh? Check out our 4 favorite games that we were playing last Christmas!

The games you already saw in the above video:

1. Stuff Reindeer Antlers

Cut the ends of pantyhose and then cut the hole on the ‘belly’. After that, put in on the player’s head and try to stuff it with the balloons until it’s full and standing up. Finally, whichever team does this first – wins the game!

2. Elf Dance

Cut the bottle in half, attach the rope and tie it to the player’s waist. Fill the cup (or the box) with ping pong balls. Turn some fun music on and let your body move – dance, shake to make the ornaments (or balls) jump out of the container. First one to have the container empty – wins the game.

3. Reindeer Nose

Tie the carrots to the ribbon and then tie them to the player’s waist (on the back). Place the cups on the floor and tell each player to put the carrot in the cup without using hands.

4. Santa Limbo

Tie a pillow to the player’s belly with the ribbon and play traditional Limbo game! Only this time it’s little more fun to juggle underneath the rope with the pillow/Santa belly. For the people that made it through, slightly lower the rope and have everyone go through again. Continually lower the stick until one winner remains!

Hilarious Christmas Games For Families


Playtivities Family's Favourite Games

All years of experience let me gather the most hilarious Christmas games for families. I feel that this is the time, when I want to share something special, cause I know how hard it is to find engaging family games sometime… So, here it is! Playtivities favorite games, activities, ebook and more! Everything approved by our family and made with love!

51 Christmas Family Games Video Ebook

Hilarious Christmas Game for families – SHOUT IT!

A perfect family game that will have everybody play all night long. It’s Fast, Fun, Easy to Play and even educational.

  • SHOUT IT! has 4 levels and 2 ways to play so everybody can have fun.
  • Perfect for kids and grownups, 2-10+ players.
  • There are 128 cards and you can print them double sided.


By now, you have probably seen those viral videos on the internet of people wearing a mouth re-tractor and trying to say words so others can try to guess what they are saying. It’s like having a lot of marbles in your mouth and trying to talk at the same time!

To make it more fun and catchier, I have created printable cards with 100 phrases!

Hilarious Family drawing game – PASS IT ON

Super simple, yet pretty genius game where not so perfect drawing comes in handy. It’s like a broken telephone game, only this time is in drawing. Draw what you see then guess what you saw for hilarious and unpredictable outcomes. It’s miscommunication at it’s best!

The good news is that PASS IT ON is perfect for terrible artists! It’s our go-to game when we have 6 players.


Not enough? Remember Minute To Win Games! Thinking if they fit for the party? Sure! Easy, quick, zippy and require no or little preparation! Most importantly these hilarious Christmas games for families are fun not only to play, but to watch as well! Check more hilarious Christmas games for families below!

5. Christmas Tree Cups Game 

Christmas games and activities can be spread through the whole house! Sounds crazy? No, not for special holiday family reunions. Here you go – fast, fun and hilarious Christmas Tree Cups Game! Find the game rules here.

cups game

6. Christmas Nutstacker

Dealing with a shaking hands? Prepare for laughing! Find recommended game rules here.


7. Build a snowman 

A snowman in the house! This is a hilarious Christmas Holiday Game for families and for larger groups such as schools. Moreover, you can organize the best snowman competition! Find the details of the game at Party Wishes.

build a snowman

snow ball toss

9. Reindeer Nose Dive 

Super fun game. No big preparation needed and the giggles are guaranteed! This game don’t allow you touch face with hands or any other body part. How to play this fun game you can find here.


Impressed by Minute to Win Games? Get more ideas!
If you are ready for a bit more lasting hilarious Christmas games for families that make you laugh, here is more activities, which definitely cheer you up!

10. Santa Pants 

  • Find a pair of big size pants (red ones if you can find it).

Form teams of two and tell them to wear the pants: one player puts his right leg in the left side of pants and the other puts his left leg in the right side of pants. Now tell the teams to race across the room.

11. Ornament on a spoon 

Super fun and hilarious Christmas game for family! How it works:

  1. Divide into teams, then setup a relay course.
  2. You’ll have the first person put an ornament on their spoon, go around the course.
  3. Come back to the next person. However, you CANNOT use your hands when passing off the ornament, as it must be passed from one spoon to the next.
  4. If you drop the ornament in the process, that person needs to go around the course again.
  5. Once the ornament is successfully passed off, it’s the next person’s turn.

12. Blindfold Christmas Drawing

Blindfold the players and have them hold the paper plate on their heads. However, have one person explain instructions while everyone else tries to draw a Christmas story on the plate:

  1. Draw a line as the floor
  2. Paint a Christmas tree and add a some ornaments
  3. Draw a star on top of your tree
  4. Add 3 presents next to the tree. Draw bows on top
  5. Paint a Santa next to the tree
  6. Draw 3 elves standing around the Tree.

After everyone finishes drawing, have them take the plates off their head and look at their masterpiece. The laughs you will have! Pick the drawing that is closest to the instructions were given.

13. Holiday Candy 

Let all the players sit in the circle. One player has the candy in his hands and goes to each person and pretends to give them a candy, while only one person secretly gets the candy. The rest of the players have to try to guess who really got the candy.

christmas games 4

14. Snowflake Game

Kids love snowflakes. So do Adults. It’s not only about making them, after craft activities you can try to play a game! Prepare a pile of paper snowflakes on the table. The goal of the game is to transport the snowflakes from one side of the table to the other side using only straws!

snow flake


16. Holiday Face Whip 

It’s super fun and hilarious holiday game for the entire family. Recommended for ages 5 years and up and it’s filled with fun and suspense!

Interested? Get the game!

17. Frozen! 

Play Holiday music and tell everybody to dance! After the music is randomly stopped the players need to ‘freeze’. Finally, walk around the players and try to make them laugh so they would move. Whoever moves – looses the game.

Hilarious Christmas Games For Families


I believe, you are already find out these hilarious Christmas games for families are the best choice you can have! In short, don’t be afraid to experiment and include some fun activities you haven’t done before. Some of them could become a tradition traveling through family generations. Make it happen!

Share yours finest and hilarious Christmas games for families you’ve played in the comments below!


The best Christmas Family Games!