Turn Holiday crafts for kids into table name cards

I can’t believe it’s THE time. Holiday crafts for kids has arrived on our blog, people.

Yes, it is slightly early for holiday crafting, but I know busy mamas (like you and me) like to plan things early. So here it is –  a fresh new Christmas Dinner Table design, inspired and made from your children’s art.

Seriously, it can’t get better. A craft and a holiday decorations. It’s like buy 1 get 2 free 😉

holiday crafts for kids

I am a huge fan of displaying kid’s art everywhere. I love seeing art and crafts of my children all over the house. Some of them became their homemade toys and some just a beautiful art taking every inch of the wall’s real estate in our petite farm house.

If you like me and adore anything your kids make,  you will love this DIY holiday table name cards.

Turn your children’s art into fancy table name cards

1. Let kids draw some holiday inspired drawings on the square pieces of construction paper (we used thin cardboard that came from box packaging).

name cards drawing2. If the kids are not capable yet, help them by cutting out the drawings. However, allow kids to color, decorate their art pieces as they wish.

name cards drawings cut3. Depending on how many drawings your have (and how many table name cards you need) prepare the same amount of square shaped cardboard pieces. You will have to glue the drawings on them so they will stand nicely on the table. We used shoe box that had some green in it, that way the squares didn’t need to be painted.

name cards drawings glue

I guarantee you, no store bought shiny table name cards will replace those warm, cute and full of love drawings that your children made. The laughter you will get, the stories you will hear will be priceless.

I believe it’s a great confidence boost for your kids. They will feel so special that their art is sitting on the most important day of the year for all the most loved people to see.

holiday crafts for kids

christmas table decoratioins for kids

Sky is the limit here. Inspire kids with some Christmas stories, things that happened in real life during holidays, your family traditions…

christmas art for kids

Perfect Hostess Gift

No Christmas party at your home this year? No problem. I believe this would make a great hostess gift (especially if you coordinate this in advance). A very special touch for a very special occasion.

christmas crafts for kids

Holiday crafts for kids has just started. Pin this image, follow me on Pinterest and keep an eye for more awesome Christmas crafts for kids.

holiday crafts for kids

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  2. Hi i just love your idea. we have also planned some holiday crafts. i will join your in my list.

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