Homemade Drums from Pot Lids


We moved this month and we are E.S.T.A.T.I.C. about the new place, the freedom and the things we (especially the kids) can do without worrying to bother neighbors. For once, I could scream on the top of my lungs and nobody would care (well, except for my husband, who would think I am getting crazy).

This post is to symbolize and celebrate our home and a totally different chapter in our lives. I will post in the future about our amazing new home that lets my kids explore  the outdoors 12 hours a day (some days even more).

Can you call this drums?

So my kids love drums. Like any other children they like the sound of it I guess the most. Unfortunately, we never could have anything that made more noise than nasty door squeak. For the last year we lived in the apartment building with very thin walls and apparently neighbors who have a very good hearing skills.

To really feel the freedom we decided to start on making our musical instruments. Yes, we will make a lot of them.

We started we the easiest one (and lousiest one). drums 2

And I am not sure if they would be considered as drums. Maybe just “banging the lids”.

Be warned. It’s loud. Make sure it is at least 50 miles away form any human being present. Just kidding, it’s not that bad, but if you do have neighbors you better make super yummy pies or cupcakes to ‘cover’ that ‘annoying sound’.

How to make homemade drums

I found a wooden panel and simply attached the pot lids with the string. Gave the kids various sticks and let them experiment with the sounds. They discovered that different sticks made different sounds.

If you don’t have a panel, you can just hang the pot lids on whatever you find in your backyard, maybe even the tree branches (with long strings).

I found old pots that I haven’t been using which had aluminum lids. I am sure you can find those at thrift stores, goodwill or garage sales for a very little cost.

I secured the panel to the wall so it won’t fall on the my kids (when the banging gets too intense). DIY Drums from pot lids

Is drumming good for kids?

I tell you, neighbors might not fall in love with these sounds, but this activity/exercise is very beneficial for your children. All ages.

Few benefits:

1. It lets them experiment with the sounds by changing the sticks, the angle you beat it.

2. It think it’s great for anger management. If you have a fussy and cranky day, let your child beat it out on those drums. All their negative energy will go on the drums, not on you or their siblings. I think I might use these drums one of those days too.

3. Kids can improve their fine and motor skills.

4. Actually, there is even a study done which proves that drumming activities can lead to significant social and emotional improvements for children. Read more on How Drumming Helps Children with Special Needs. 

Here is the short video of my daughter rocking it out with our homemade drums. It’s not really the church bells but I thought it was pretty funny.

I am just wondering how long would you stand the noise of these homemade drums?

3 thoughts on “Homemade Drums from Pot Lids”

  1. I probably wouldn’t be able to stand the banging very long! lol! I’m glad you’re so happy in your new place and you have more freedom to explore. Our neighbors would not be thrilled if we tried to set up something like this! 😉

    1. Birute Efe

      Thank you Emma. Yes, they are loud, so good thing they are little away from the house, because I wouldn’t stand a 2 hours ‘performance’ either 🙂

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