Homemade Lotion For Kids To Make

homemade lotion for kids

As I was sipping my late morning coffee (while doing other 39 things), my daughter walked up to me with a hand full of rose petals. Two things popped in my mind: 1. We don’t have roses, so neighbor’s garden must have had some “accidental gardening work” done this morning 2. What will she do with it.

The first concern was settled with few raised eyebrows and head shaking. We moved to the second:

Mommy, can you help me make rose lotion?

As a natural mama who does her best to live in a chemical free home I could not be happier.  Also, as a blogger I could not resist turning this activity into a post, so we decided to make a real homemade, most natural ROSE LOTION.

I wanted the recipe to be fun, quick and easy for a little girl to make (and use, of course).

Ingredients for the Natural Homemade Lotion with Roses:

*we made a small batch. Increase your ingredients accordingly if you want bigger amount of lotion.

*A lot of other natural homemade lotions have beeswax in them, we didn’t have any, but our lotion turned out just fine without it.homemade lotion with rose petals


  1. Shred rose petals into small small pieces. This is the most fun part for the kids.
  2. Combine shredded rose petals, coconut oil and olive oil in a tall glass jar (we used mason jar from our strawberry jam).
  3. Prepare a bowl of hot water. Put Rose Oil jar into a hot water bowl and mix. Keep it in there until the water cools off.  *Warming the rose oil will help release the scent from the rose petals.
  4. Use strainer and let the kids strain the lotion into the container where  you want the lotion to be in.
  5. Put it in the fridge.

homemade lotion

Homemade Lotion With Roses REVIEW:

1. It turned out very smooth and light. It applies to the skin easily and after little rubbing nicely ‘sinks’ in. The skin feels moisturized.

2. You can use it anywhere on your body. My daughter uses it as lip gloss too.

3. It did smell like roses. Lightly. However, the longer you wait before straining the rose petals the more it will smell like roses.

4. For best texture we had to keep in a cool place.

homemade lotion


I had an opportunity to talk with my daughter about the chemicals  and other toxic ingredients included in store bought (not all!) lotions and how they can harm us.

We watched this video together and had to pause is at few places to discuss some new words and some other things my 5 year old daughter could not understand, but overall, this video is a great introduction when you want to teach your children the importance of  healthy body care products. It is also an amazing eye opener for many adults.

I am so glad we did this activity, learned more about commercial body care products. My daughter came to conclusion that homemade is not hard to make and it’s easy, fun and can smell so good.

I see us making more homemade ‘goodies’ for our body in the future.

Stay tuned! We will be making homemade natural sunscreen for kids next week.


* I am not a certified cosmetologist or professional lotion recipe creator (even though that sounds super great). I make my lotions in small badges and don’t worry about them getting bad and unsafe for us to use. I try to use minimal natural ingredients and so far have been blessed with pretty good results of using all of our lotions, including this homemade lotion with roses. Also, there are affiliate links included in the post for your convenience.

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