Homemade Valentine Cards for kids to make with free printables

Homemade Valentine Cards for kids to make have to be Fun, Funny and Easy.

Here is why…

As a child I got many Valentine’s Day cards. But I can only remember one. It was handmade Valentine’s Day card by my friend. It stuck in my memory for the rest of my life. I believe it was 26 years ago.

It was funny, unique and touched my heart because it was homemade and even to a young girl it seemed that that boy pored his heart to make it instead of buying it. I remember being very impressed by him and his card.

I told my daughter this story and she really wanted to make some homemade valentine cards as well that are funny and cool.

valentines day card printable

Every time we need an idea for a craft or an activity in our house the brainstorming usually happens in front of our recycling center (yes, we do have a mini one where we keep all the items that should be placed in a recycling bins and taken away, instead we are trying to use them AGAIN for our crafts and what not).

For this Homemade Valentine Card you will need:

What to do:

  1. Print the card (there are 2 cards available on each paper sheet, so you will need to cut in half and fold it)
  2. Mark the bottle top so you know where to cut.
  3. Cut it out the marked circle.
  4. Glue the bottle top on the bottom of the card.

tutorial making valentince cards for kids printableNow it is up to your child what kind of love will he/she put inside the card.

Sky is the limit:

  • stickers
  • glitter art
  • glued face pictures
  • heart drawings
  • I love you

valentines day card printables

Homemade cards are the best, don’t you agree?

Psssst, we have few more ideas about Homemade Valentine Cards for kids to make (with free printable). We will share this with you tomorrow…

And till then – enjoy crafting!

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